Welcome, y’all!

Gretchen - far left Sissy - front right

Hiya!  Sissy here.   Thanks for coming to visit me.  Mom will be keeping track of my grossly restricted diet and how it changes the way I feel and act on here, but once in a while, I’ll try to sneak on and liven things up!

For you Gretchen fans, never fear; she’ll make an appearance now and then too.   For those of you who don’t know us, she’s my little sister (we’re both adopted) and my faithful sidekick whether I like it or not.  She was born with some skin problems, so Mom’s hoping the deprivation diet will help us both.

Mom will be by later to record some boring facts.

See you soon!


8 Responses to “Welcome, y’all!”

  1. anniebananie Says:

    Poor Sissy! Don’t think of it as a deprivation diet, think of it as getting the stars and moon aligned in your digestive track – then you will be much happier and healthier!!!


  2. scrabblequeen Says:

    Aren’t you glad there is some reason Gretchen has to do the diet too? That way, the world will seem more fair, right?

  3. gaylen Says:

    Hello Sissy – I’ll be very interested in following along – maybe my mom will try some of your stuff too – as long as I can still have my ice cream I’ll try anything!! Lucy

  4. Anita Says:

    Hey Sissy! Love your new blog!!! I miss you & Gretchie! I’ll follow along with your Mom’s boring stuff & keep a look out for your additions. 🙂
    Auntie Nita

  5. Nichole Says:

    Welcome to blogland Sis!

  6. Toni Gomez Says:

    Awh.. I love this blog. Big fan of Miss Sissy and Gretch. Stop by Dexter’s blog sometime if you get a chance! Maybe this blog will remind me to update his blog… Good luck on the journey and all the best for mom and girls!!

  7. Dianne Says:

    Deprivation Diet – is it wrong of me to giggle at that? LOL!

  8. Tobi Says:

    I tell ya… I cannot get enough of these girls in their tutu’s. I just can’t. This is one of my fave all-time pictures. I think this is a great blog already and can’t wait to keep reading and getting all this good information.

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