Here We Go!

Sissy, the expressive sweetie

Thank you for caring about Sissy and her struggles.  If you’re here because of your pet’s digestive and/or anal gland problems, please know I am no expert.  The links within have not been approved in any way, nor have I received any compensation for their use.  Just because I link to a site or a product, I’m not endorsing it.  Just because it didn’t work for us doesn’t mean it isn’t adequate or even ideal for you and your pets.

Before we get started, please be warned that there are signs and symptoms within.  When I think they might be something the average reader doesn’t care to read, I’ll use “dirty fact” to warn you.

Just the facts, folks.   I wish I could remember when Sissy had her first problems with her anal glands.  Eventually, I might dig back through my emails and her vet records and see if I can pin it down, but in the meantime, I know that before her first birthday, we began reading kibble bags and feeding her a high-fiber diet.

I can’t even recall all the brands and varieties we’ve tried, but we had our first success, albeit short-lived, with Wellness Core, Reduced Fat Formula.   Around that time, I began to suspect that Sis was intolerant of cornmeal and chicken meal.  (Dirty fact:  ANYTHING with chicken meal in it makes her throw up.)

Gretchen, the Jack Russell Terrier

After a brief search, we settled on EVO red meat formula.  It worked really well for MONTHS.  I was crushed when Gretchen – our other fur-girl, roughly a year younger than Sissy – began doing the tell-tale (tail?) scoot a few weeks ago.  Around the same time, Sissy began to refuse her kibble, which is always her way of telling me that the current kibble isn’t suitable for her system.

Sure enough, the night of December 29, Sissy let us know she was MISERABLE.  While our then regular vet only had limited hours into the New Year, I was able to arrange an appointment with the woman who instantly became our new vet.  Sis and Gretchen went on Royal Canin’s Vet Exclusive Rabbit and Potato formula on the 9th.  It’s insanely expensive by everyone’s standards – the vet was even apologetic! – but the vet really felt this is our best first option, as Sissy is likely allergic to beef and/or venison as well.

Wishing for a healthy New Year

They LOVE it.  Sissy still believes that dry kibble doesn’t count as a treat, so we’ll have to talk to the vet about that, because hounds are very food-driven, so I need treats that she recognizes as rewards.

The symptoms remain, as this is an 8-12 week experiment.  Scratching, a yeast infection in both ears for Sis (that is NOT responding to the ear drops) but the scooting is gone in both girls.  However, Sis is STARVING on the one cup, twice a day prescribed, so the cost is going to be higher than the vet estimated, as we will be buying kibble more often.

One more housekeeping type comment…  While I value your input, please don’t tell me what we’re doing wrong.  We’ve been through two years of this already.  Sis and I have seen FIVE vets.  I’ve been patted on the head and told some dogs just have to have their anal sacs squeezed every few weeks, and I’ve been told just removing the anal sacs is the way to go.  (Dirty fact alert!) We finally have a vet who gets that the soft stools are the real symptom, and that if we can firm those up, Sis most likely won’t have an anal gland problem anymore.  So if you have a different life experience that you believe would be helpful, please word it so that I’m not grinding my teeth and such, okay?

Thank you to all the friends who continue to support us in this big adventure, and welcome to the new friends following along!


4 Responses to “Here We Go!”

  1. gaylen Says:

    Really? People would tell you what you were doing wrong with raising YOUR dog? Amazing! Maybe that’s Dudley’s problem lately – maybe his food isn’t agreeing with him. Sad – we feed a very high quality dog food and he loves it. Has never turned his nose up at food – except once and then he ate after he had a little run and nice *ahem* movement.

    I hope the girls get this figured out soon – for your sake as much as theirs. g

  2. Sue Says:

    With the meds Samba’s taking now, we’ve been dealing with some soft stool issues. At first the vet said we may have to just live with them, but we tried giving her two metronidazole tablets and a squirt of Probiacin . At first I gave it twice a day, then as the stool improved I cut it to once a day and noe the stool is perfect and I’m about to wean her off the Probiacin. I’ll continue the mettronidazole for awhile.

    I hope the new food works out. Do you have to buy it from the vet or have you found other sources?

  3. Nichole Says:

    Sorry to hear she’s not responding to the ear drops… :/

  4. Dianne Says:

    Rabbit? Sounds perfect for a hound dog! I hope it helps.

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