Ears Lookin’ at You

From January 2008

It’s a baby photo, but if you’ve had a basset or other flop-eared, long-eared dog, I bet you’ve learned that repeated head shakes are a bad thing.  Our first basset had all but chronic yeast infections in his ears, and it took years to find the right mix (yes, a custom blend) of meds to keep things in check. 

We thought we were doing well with Sis until our December 30th visit to the new vet.  Her poor ears were ALIVE with yeast, despite how nice what the naked eye could see looked.  However, the Knight and I made the decision to stop the current (canine ear drop version of Massengill) treatment yesterday, because her ears are RAW and angry.  New to us vet is on vacation this week, and since I don’t know the practice as a whole yet, we feel we’re in the best position to make the right choice. 

I am flushing them twice daily with a prescription wash our now former vet gave us the only time Sis had any signs of an ear infection, and we’ll regroup on Monday.  And yes, yeast ear infections are another sign of food allergens, it seems.


5 Responses to “Ears Lookin’ at You”

  1. gaylen Says:

    Oh you poor sweet girl! I hope your ears feel better soon. g

  2. Nichole Says:

    Poor Girl… poor you!

  3. 4 dogs and a Cat or 3 Says:

    Hey girls! Way too cute an idea – how did you EVER get your momma to type for you? Ours won’t type for us, she just mumbles something about spending all day at the computer and then folks want her to sit at it at night … we don’t get it … because no body is on the computer during the day when she is gone out playing … do we complain? Any, we digress – good work on your momma!

  4. Marjie Says:

    Mastiffs flop their ears, too. Since we stopped having cats around, our ear flapping days have been greatly reduced. I’m told it’s because cats carry ear mites and give them to dogs. But when he starts flapping that head around and slinging slime, you know it makes me crazy!!!

  5. Terrie Says:

    Poor Sissy! I hope her ears feel better soon!

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