Allergies v.1.2

Okay.  Here’s the plan.  Someone remind me when I forget, okay?

Ailment – self-explanitory.

V? – the round we’re on with this particular chief complaint.

.x – the number of times we’ve seen Wondervet for this problem.

Please note that they’re dancing – hence, Sissy’s blurry face – at the door that brings Wondervet to them.  By the time I’d taken that photo, Gretchen had already made her rounds and charmed a few techs and such, and at some point, she shot past Wondervet and was rewarded for her escape by Supertech, who returned the felon to the exam room, with Gretch in her arms, while Supertech giggled and cooed.


So, the easy report first.   Gretchen went for her first visit at the new to us place, which happened to be her first-ever annual visit too.  The Knight sent one concern for each dog, and for the wee one, it was her riding anxiety.  We were given “Ace” to try.  We’ll do a trial run one weekend day before we head to the beach again, to be sure we have the right dosage.  Of course, I’ll let you know…


Again, the photo is a little blurry.  (Cell phone cameras are fun, but…)  However, I went with a larger size, hoping at least some of you can see the ATTITUDE in those eyes.  DIVA ain’t happy.  She’d already had her glands checked again, and just so we all know – dirty alert! – when Gretchen suddenly takes an interest she’s never had before in Sissy’s rear… it’s a sign the anal glands need to be expressed.

She’d also had her ears swabbed.  For anyone unclear on what THAT means, imagine the human tonsil swab shoved into the ear canal, and then… dig.

Guess what?!  Her yeast infections are alive and well, but there is a silver lining; no bacteria.  Evidently, that’s another clear sign that we’re dealing with food allergies.  We dropped the burning drops (MicaVed) and switched to an ointment (MalOtic), and we’re still washing with Malaseb twice weekly. 

Now, about the blood testing I mentioned…

Wondervet doesn’t recommend it for reasons I was able to accept.   Firstly, Sis has no signs of environmental allergies, but for those, Wondervet likes skin tests.  (Shave a patch on one side, and then it works just like it does for humans.)  As for food allergies, the blood tests throw too many false positives and positive falsehoods.  That’s the short answer, but for me, it will do.  Sissy has suffered so much for two years, and we are seeing improvements – I think, Wondervet says it’s too soon to tell – so since Sis (and Gretch) like the food…

Looking lovely, no matter what her ears are growing and ...

So, Sis goes back in two weeks, and hopefully, her ears will be in good shape by then.


5 Responses to “Allergies v.1.2”

  1. Gnome Christmas « Chan Knits Says:

    […] it is, the latest update… Published […]

  2. Dianne Says:

    Poor Sissy, suffering such indignities in addition to the deprivation diet! 🙂

    Oh, Gretchen, you little escape artist! I hope the Ace helps with her anxiety. That’s what my WonderVet gave me for Cooper’s thunderstorm terrors, but by the time it starts working, the storm is over.

  3. gaylen Says:

    Good luck with the Ace. We also use MalOtic for ears as well as OptiClean. But you know all that. Isn’t it nice when they like the vet? g

  4. Nichole Says:

    I was wondering about the rate of false-positives with that blood test… I think you’ve answered it!

  5. Sue Says:

    I used Ace for the girls after they were spayed to try to keep them from doing gymnastics till the stitches were gone. Does Gretchen get car sick or just anxious? i have a wonderful product for car sickness.

    For Monty’s yeasty ears we washed them with the blue cleaner, then put CGB ointment in them. As much as they hurt, he let me put the ointment in because he knew they’d feel better fast.

    I’d heard pretty much the same thing about allergy testing.

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