Silk Purses and Hounds Ears

If you read both blogs, you’ve seen that photo already.  I’m quite taken with it.  It really captures Sissy’s DIVA mode so well. 

So… we’re on week #4 of the gold dust food experiment.  We have ear follow-up #2 tomorrow, and I’m quite hopeful this time that Sis will be told the yeast infections are under control and we can drop into a maintenance plan.  We’ve learned that Sis doesn’t like to have us come at her with the bottle of ear juice; she’s much more cooperative if she’s already in someone’s lap, or resting on the sofa, and one of us just lifts an ear, squirts, rubs, repeats.

Diva just likes to be pampered.   Don’t we all?

Tomorrow’s list of questions for wondervet:

– What about corn SYRUP?  If Sis has to cut out her beloved peppermints, it will break her heart.

– Those treats we bought last time?  They have chicken liver in them.  I’m rather sure wondervet didn’t realize that, so we never opened them.

-Dairy?  Eggs?  Peanut butter?  They’re proteins, and Sis loves them.  Are they restricted?

I don’t know whether it’s good news or not, but we’re either half-or one third of the way through this first phase of food restriction, depending on whether wondervet goes with 8 weeks or 12.

Definite pros:

  • Both girls LOVE the kibble.
  • Gretchen has lost weight.
  • Sis’s anal gland issues appear to be dormant right now.


  • The kibble is pricey, VERY pricey.
  • The double ear/yeast infections aren’t officially under control yet.
  • The lack of treats is STILL hard on all of us.

Oh, how I love those freckled legs.


4 Responses to “Silk Purses and Hounds Ears”

  1. Sue Says:

    It’s so hard with to comply with so many restrictions and the poor girl needs some sort of treat. Diva’s get depressed with no tasty rewards. Maybe fish skins or at one time I think Lucy was allowed baked, not fried potato chips.

  2. Anita Says:

    What a nightmare! I hope the vet can answer your questions. And I still say that Sissy isn’t overweight!

  3. Dianne Says:

    No treats? Cruel and unusual punishment! This calls for mutiny! We’ll help.

    Emma, Tara and Cooper

  4. Barbara S. Says:

    You will get back to cooking just to make acceptable treats for them.
    Maybe there is a way to make peppermints for her without corn syrup. (I person I know of who is allergic to corn can’t have stuff with corn syrup.)

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