Allergies v.1.3

Sissy gives going to the vet every two weeks a big ol' raspberry

This report is short and sweet.  One ear was yeast-free, one ear wasn’t.  So, two more weeks of winter…

Ooops.  Wrong story.  Two more weeks (5 and 6 if you’re keeping score at home) with the ear meds, and hopefully, both ears will be clear next time.

Now, I also took along a list of questions for wondervet.  No, that’s not quite right either.  THIS is why THIS blog exists; I simply hit the worldwideweb icon on the Blackberry, typed in this address, and then read the list to wondervet and still looked like I had my act together.  Gotta’ love technology.

– Corn syrup?  Well, Gmarie‘s question gets the stump the vet award.  We know from previous incidents that corn meal, flour, etc. set Sissy off, but we don’t know about CORN or CORN SYRUP.  For now, they’ve on the no-no list, but since Sis loves her peppermints, we’ll revist once we are through this initial very restrictive diet phase.

– Those treats with chicken stuff in ’em?  We learned a new word.  Hydrolyzed.  Say it with me… or not.  It is basically a chemical process that reduces the given protein to an amino acid, thus making it safe for allergics like Sissy.   Wondervet isn’t at all optimistic that Sis will even eat them, much less LIKE them.

However, we’ve been given a green light to dehydrate rabbit meat and feed cubes of boiled potato, so the seriously really restrictive phase of Sissy’s diet will begin just as soon as this round of winter of the snow dump ends and we can hop from store to store in search of rabbit.

– Non-meat proteins remain restricted.  No eggs, peanut butter or dairy for now.

One last bit of good news…  There have been no signs of anal gland issues for two weeks now.


6 Responses to “Allergies v.1.3”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Zeus is just beside himself wondering how ANY doggy can get thru with NO peanut butter… he hopes Sis can have hers back soon… 🙂

  2. Dianne Says:

    Where do you buy rabbit meat? I’ve never seen it around here. Peanut butter would be the hardest for my babes to give up. Although, Emma stole a hard-boiled egg off the counter yesterday, and really seemed to enjoy it…all over my bed.

  3. Anita Says:

    I bet you can find rabbits in your backyard! Maybe Sissy can catch her own! SNOL….. just kidding! 😛

  4. gaylen Says:

    Too funny! I hope she gets her peppermints back soon! g

  5. aina Says:

    What wonderful dogs you have.
    I guess you might be tired of getting advices, but here it goes anyway 🙂
    Several friends of mine, and my self, are feeding our dogs with raw meat. Luckily none of my dogs are having any kind of allergies, but one of my friends had a dog with skin problems that disappeared after she started feeding her dog raw meat. That is what their digestinal system is made to handle best. Here we are able to buy grinded meat with added vitamins so you don’t hve to be woried that they dont get all they need from meal. I guess that would be available in your area too. For snacks you can esily dry some liver in the stove – its unexpensive and most dogs love it.

  6. Sue Says:

    Poor Sis. I was on one of those allergy diets once, eliminate everything that tastes good, then add them back in one by one. I didn’t have a determined keeper like you to dish out the food, so I didn’t make it thru the initial phase of the diet.

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