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An Indecent Proposal

March 24, 2010

Warning… not a topic for “while eating” reading.

Sissy isn’t cooperating.  She had her annual visit weeks ago, and the vet sent us home with a specimen cup in a discrete brown sack.   Normally, they “grab” the sample during the exam, but since Sissy’s glands needed a squeeze, the dear vet didn’t want to traumatize Sis.  (Yes.  Wondervet used THAT word, because evidently, she loves a DIVA.) 

Problem is, Sis has decided that my poop-watching days are behind us.  She simply won’t go when I can watch, and wait, AND have the time to run the sample across town to the vet’s immediately thereafter. 

What’s a dog-ma to do?  I’m thinking that I should just toss her in the car and let them do their normal rectal sample.  I mean… really.  I’ve been patient.  And somehow, the girl KNOWS when it’s safe to poop. 

Does your vet do a stool sample annually?  I mean, it makes sense, especially for Sis…

Thanks for putting up with our less than lovely topic today.  Maybe next post, we’ll discuss Gretchen’s first ACE experience.  I’m a little worried, but not as worried as I am about her panic attacks she has on road trips.

Vote for Sunny!

March 19, 2010

Just a quick shout-out for our friend Sunny.  Please take a moment to vote for her.  Yes, you have to register to vote, but it only takes a second and it’s for a good cause…

Green is Good

March 18, 2010

Sissy here!  The vet did check in with mom earlier this week, and they think I’m doing great.  I think I’m starved, and last night, Dadaw introduced me to salad.  

Yep.  SALAD.  Lettuce and carrots, slightly chilled, in nearly inhalable pieces.  Gretchen and I wolfed it down, but those pigs  the humans had already eaten the rest.  Mom wouldn’t even let me lick her bowl, which I thought was pretty rude.

Mugsy, Mom & Me, St. Paddy's Day 2008

Mom and Dadaw both thought it was something else that we gobbled the lettuce right up.  (We’re STARVED, I tell you!)   I don’t see the big deal.  Mugsy, who left me before I finished growing up, would eat green leaf lettuce or romaine if it was cool and crisp, so Mom says.   

What are your favorite foods?   No matter your species, answer away!

Since I’m a wonderful “Moo-ma” as Mom calls me when I’m doting on Gretchen, here’s a cute picture of her too.  Wouldn’t want her to feel left out and get all crazy terrier on us, now would we?

Happy Woofday

March 16, 2010

Happy birthday, Samba!   That’s a photo of a tasty birthday cookie from a doggy bakery the Lapdog Creations pack sent us last fall. 

Sissy here.   We’ll just drool over the cookie together, okay?  I hear your mom is starving you in the name of good health too.   Can you have a banana?  Dadaw has taught us to eat one rather politely, just like a human might.  Well, I have to be reminded to take little bites, but still…

Too bad we don’t live on the same road.  My mom has a bunch of party hats in different colors, and when I wear one nicely, I get treats.  Dried bananas aren’t bad you know…

Anyway, everyone pop over and wish Samba a great day and a healthy year (and many more), okay?

Shout Out

March 7, 2010

Mom’s too busy worrying about all the work happening outside – I just love visitors, don’t you?! – so I have to mind my manners and wish my friends happy birthdays!

This arroooooo’s for you, Zeus and Sasha!   May you have many more…