Happy Woofday

Happy birthday, Samba!   That’s a photo of a tasty birthday cookie from a doggy bakery the Lapdog Creations pack sent us last fall. 

Sissy here.   We’ll just drool over the cookie together, okay?  I hear your mom is starving you in the name of good health too.   Can you have a banana?  Dadaw has taught us to eat one rather politely, just like a human might.  Well, I have to be reminded to take little bites, but still…

Too bad we don’t live on the same road.  My mom has a bunch of party hats in different colors, and when I wear one nicely, I get treats.  Dried bananas aren’t bad you know…

Anyway, everyone pop over and wish Samba a great day and a healthy year (and many more), okay?


3 Responses to “Happy Woofday”

  1. gaylen Says:

    Lovely birthday post Sissy – you did good 🙂 g

  2. Sue Says:

    Thanks Sissy. I know Mom has some cupcakes in the refrigerator downstairs so if the rain ever stops we can have my party. I don’t know why she doesn’t want us to party in the house. It’s lots of fun to get on the furniture to eat cake and to have races up and down the stairs and sometimes Dad forgets and leaves things on the counter and I can reach them.

    I like banana. In fact, Mom can’t think of anything I won’t eat these days. She really is trying to starve me. I don’t know why, she certainly isn’t slim and trim like she used to be.

    I wish you and Gretchen could come to my party. We’d have lots of fun, except for Fudge who annoys everyone.

  3. Nichole Says:

    Happy belated to Samba! 🙂

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