Green is Good

Sissy here!  The vet did check in with mom earlier this week, and they think I’m doing great.  I think I’m starved, and last night, Dadaw introduced me to salad.  

Yep.  SALAD.  Lettuce and carrots, slightly chilled, in nearly inhalable pieces.  Gretchen and I wolfed it down, but those pigs  the humans had already eaten the rest.  Mom wouldn’t even let me lick her bowl, which I thought was pretty rude.

Mugsy, Mom & Me, St. Paddy's Day 2008

Mom and Dadaw both thought it was something else that we gobbled the lettuce right up.  (We’re STARVED, I tell you!)   I don’t see the big deal.  Mugsy, who left me before I finished growing up, would eat green leaf lettuce or romaine if it was cool and crisp, so Mom says.   

What are your favorite foods?   No matter your species, answer away!

Since I’m a wonderful “Moo-ma” as Mom calls me when I’m doting on Gretchen, here’s a cute picture of her too.  Wouldn’t want her to feel left out and get all crazy terrier on us, now would we?


7 Responses to “Green is Good”

  1. Nichole Says:

    All 4 lapdogs LOVE carrots… but the lettuce usually isn’t a hit. Lola is the ‘garbage can’ and will pretty much eat any fruit or vegetable you toss her away… even the “stem” tops from strawberries that we humans discard… they’re treasures to her! Bananas are good too, except for Zeus… he hates ’em… Sophie MIGHT eat some, but not always. Cottage cheese and yogurt are always big hits… as is pasta/rice…… the big no-no that all 4 LOVE and will beg, borrow & steal for is sweedish fish……….

  2. gaylen Says:

    Well Sissy – I’ll just about anything but mushrooms. I hate those slimy things. I like warm cherry tomatoes right from the bushes in the yard, and just about any veggie that mom will feed me. Lucy likes to pick her own berries. Silly girl. — Beauregard James (fabulous bloodhound).

  3. Sue Says:

    Ice cream is probably the universal hit with canines and people. Tsar loves bagels with cream cheese. Morgan loves bacon. Noah really lies the doggie stew that I make. The Porties all like fish of any kind, but especially sardines. I haven’t found anything that Samba won’t eat.

    Rob loves spaghetti and pizza. I love lobster and chocolate.

  4. Dianne Says:

    We love carrots. Love ’em!!!! We can’t get enough of them! Bananas? Blech! We all spit them out and make the humans pick up pieces of slimy, smooshed banana off of the floor. Give us carrots any day!

    Emma, Tara & Cooper

  5. scrabblequeen Says:

    Well, I understand that you are starving and all, so I guess eating vegetables makes sense, sort of. We girls here mostly like meat, (any kind) dairy stuff, (especially cheese!), and we’ll eat a few fruits, if we’re in the mood. BUT…we both go nuts for nuts! Sasha and Misty

    Ps…MIsty says, sigh, I suppose your mom said you HAD to put up that pick of Gretchen, right? I know my mom does that with me re Sasha.

  6. Terrie Says:

    Charlie loves spinach, lettuce and grass. We also recently found out she is crazy about rice pudding, too!

    Kennedy is just like a little dog. She will politely sit and stare at you while you’re eating, hoping for a taste. I don’t like to give them “people” food, but she likes rice pudding, too! Can’t give either of them too much since we don’t want them to get sick 🙂

  7. Tobi Says:

    It ain’t easy bein’ green.

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