An Indecent Proposal

Warning… not a topic for “while eating” reading.

Sissy isn’t cooperating.  She had her annual visit weeks ago, and the vet sent us home with a specimen cup in a discrete brown sack.   Normally, they “grab” the sample during the exam, but since Sissy’s glands needed a squeeze, the dear vet didn’t want to traumatize Sis.  (Yes.  Wondervet used THAT word, because evidently, she loves a DIVA.) 

Problem is, Sis has decided that my poop-watching days are behind us.  She simply won’t go when I can watch, and wait, AND have the time to run the sample across town to the vet’s immediately thereafter. 

What’s a dog-ma to do?  I’m thinking that I should just toss her in the car and let them do their normal rectal sample.  I mean… really.  I’ve been patient.  And somehow, the girl KNOWS when it’s safe to poop. 

Does your vet do a stool sample annually?  I mean, it makes sense, especially for Sis…

Thanks for putting up with our less than lovely topic today.  Maybe next post, we’ll discuss Gretchen’s first ACE experience.  I’m a little worried, but not as worried as I am about her panic attacks she has on road trips.


6 Responses to “An Indecent Proposal”

  1. gaylen Says:

    I see that same expression from Abby all the time – must be the Diva in them? g

  2. Nichole Says:

    Annual stool samples all around here… we just bag up a little sample before we head off to the vet visit. Never had a problem with getting a sample in time for the visits…
    The vet has only taken it the “other” way once… when Sophie was sick and in the office having her glands done anyway, she just grabbed some.

  3. Anita Says:

    Yep, even Jazzy gets a stool sample done every year. Luckily when they can’t get one & I have to it doesn’t matter if it’s covered in litter. LOL

  4. Monica (aka monnibo) Says:

    Not with Henry… Although we had him tested once for parasites when his poop was really loose. Luckily all I had to do was bring in a litter-covered treat for the vets.

  5. Sue Says:

    We do samples the first couple years, but after that we only do them if there’s a need. This year Norma Jean was the only one that needed one because of something in her lab report. Turned out to be nothing.

  6. Tuffy Says:

    Hi Chan,

    Our resident Poopie needs her anal glands checked again …


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