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Sight Hound?

April 29, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  I’m really afraid Mama is too caught up in her yarn-bloggy week stuff to remember to post, so I’ve taken matters into my own hands  paws.

Oh – pardon me…  Gretchen here.  Sissy has been quite full of herself recently, so I’m covering things here.   I know Mama wanted to share this photo and point out – as she does to Sis regularly – that bassets are SCENT hounds, not SIGHT hounds.  Sissy isn’t one to get hung up on details… 

She forgets that even if I stand on my hind feet, I can’t see the things she sees.    I’m constantly reminding her of that, and other things she forgets when she gets all wrapped up in whatever she’s doing at the moment. 

I’m rather sure Mama wouldn’t want you to see that photo what with the power cord at our heads and all, but as you can see, it’s perfectly safe because *I* am making sure Sis knows it is there and that she must be careful.   (Note from the editor:  Dadaw was working on his shed, and the dogs aren’t generally allowed out there while the cord is in place.)

Perhaps I sound rather full of myself, and that surely is not my intent.   Mama says I’m the little lady of the house, while Dadaw calls Sissy a redneck woman.  I don’t think that’s very nice, but Sis thinks it’s funny and hollars right back at him…

Have a great weekend!

Earthdog Day

April 22, 2010

(Erm, Sis?  It’s EARTH Day, but great post sweetie!)

Sissy here!  And Gretchie Greer too.  We wanted to tell Mom you about Earthdog Trials.  We aren’t serious diggers, but we hear tails tales about Mugsy, who was a prolific digger.

Sadly, technically, none of us – not me, not Gretch, not even Mugsy – are/were eligible for Earthdog Trials, because we’re not AKC registered.  (Gretchen could be, but Mommy doesn’t like the whole Parson Russell mess, and insists Gretchen is a JACK Russell…)  However, doesn’t it sound like fun?!  It’s a great program that allows those diggin’ dogs to do what they were bred to do in a spot where the humans won’t freak out. 

Sissy & Mugsy, April 2008

We both do love to hunt, but these days, we’re restricted to bugs.  Yeah.  BUGS.  Mommy doesn’t even like that, but nevertheless, we manage to chase moths and stuff all the time.

What do you like to do outdoors?  Or specifically, what do your humans allow you to do outdoors that is big fun?


April 15, 2010

Sissy here. Mom’s all caught up in other stuff, but we’re just fine. I spent a few days being quiet and sleeping a lot, but I’m totally back to normal now, minus that one REALLY short toenail. Sometimes I bump it and it’s sore for a second, but it’s not slowing me down.

Gretchen’s actually my bigger concern. Frankly, it’s upsetting to have to ride with her, so I hope they come up with something that works. I worry about her, but I also can’t help getting a good case of the green-eyed monster because Mom and Dadaw focus on her almost completely and just pat me on the head once in a while and murmur about me being a good girl.

Mom did get all crazy and create a “mii” for each of us on her stupid game. They don’t look much like us, but it seems to make her happy to see the funky, computerized versions of us on the game. I’m just glad no one was around to see her holding me on the balance board while she was creating my thing. I held still, but I sure didn’t feel super-secure!

Happy Dogs on Thursday. What kinds of crazy things do you suffer through to humor the humans?

My most humiliating moment Halloween 2009

Loopy Who?

April 5, 2010

(Apologies to The Loopy Ewe.)

This is a follow-up on Gretchen’s latest ride, but since this is Sissy’s blog, we’ll deal with her first.   Sissy is doing okay, actually.  She is indeed milking her injury for all it is worth; her Dadaw carried her to bed last night, and when I got out of the shower this morning, she was on my pillow and encircled in his arms.  Both were sound asleep.  Sis is exceptionally mellow, due to the pain medicine, and we have three more days of that. 

Xanax and Gretchen didn’t mix well.   We headed to the farm yesterday, and the ride up wasn’t awful, but she surely wasn’t sedated.  She bounced around and greeted everyone when we arrived, but after dinner when we went to hang out on the back deck (the dog’s fenced yard is off of that), she was obviously drunk.  The time was roughly six hours after she had swallowed her meds.

By the time we headed home, she was so stoned she couldn’t walk straight.  She rested almost peacefully, but she was far more “loopy” than I’m comfortable with, for the rest of the night.  For our next effort, we’re going to try just placing her in a small, soft-sided airline crate, and we’ll secure that on the front, center console, which is where she insisted up settling.

Thanks for all of the advice.  If she doesn’t ride well enough THAT way, I might be asking a Canadian to ship me some Gravol…

Paw-dicures are Pricey

April 4, 2010

Sissy broke a nail Saturday morning, requiring a quick, just before they close sprint across town to Wondervet.  Yes, our beloved vet was there on a “holiday Saturday” and even called as we were rushing through the door to assure we were going to make it before the animal hospital closed for the weekend.

It was a bigger deal than a broken nail might sound.  Sis hopped off the hot tub cover as she does dozens of times every single day.  Because her nails were a bit long, due to her inability to tolerate a pedicure, somehow the impact drove the quick of her nail through the nail itself. 

Luckily, there wasn’t as much bleeding as you might think.  However, because Sis is a basset and therefore, doesn’t like having her feet touched at all, a little “gas” was required to remove the nail.  Wondervet and staff trimmed ALL of the nails while girlfriend was out, and we came home with antibiotics and five days’ worth of pain pills.

So, yeah.  Gretchen has Ace and Xanax, and Sis is still groggy. 

Sissy is happy to wear “hats” when she’s under the influence.  If you visit my blog, you’ll see more photos of what I do when Sissy can’t run away from me.

That’s my favorite photo from the afternoon.  She’s a cute, drugged, basset-bunny, isn’t she?  Those ears and the pink bunny face on Gretchen were gifts from my mother inlaw.

Here’s what else I learned today:

  • Sissy takes more gas to go under than Wondervet estimated. 
  • You know you have the right vet when hearing a horrible cry from your dog still finds you thinking, “Poor Wondervet!!  That must have broken her heart.”  (It did.)
  • Being scared and in a lot of pain causes Sis to dump her own glands.  (Yes.  THE glands.  On Wondervet.  Sis owes Wondervet a very nice card, and I think I need to knit something.)
  • The Knight has gotten a pass on trimming toenails for Sis for a while.  Good thing; Sis glared and slunk away when she saw him pick up the HUMAN nail clippers.
  • There’s nothing cuter than a dopey hound drooling on MY pillow.  Really. 
  • There’s nothing that melts my heart like the sight of the Knight’s bedside manner… directed at a drooling hound.
  • Gretchen – yes, WEE Gretchen – can open the sliding glass door when she’s left in the pen alone.

Happy Easter, from our pack to yours!


Swallow This…

April 2, 2010

Thanks for all the feedback and advice!  Wondervet has called in a prescription of Xanax for Gretchen, to be taken in conjunction with the Ace mentioned in the previous post.  She’s afraid to stop the Ace completely, as she suspects Gretchen’s anxiety is in part due to her fear of getting sick in the car…

Gotta' ride in the car to get to the beach!

So, we’ll try that this weekend, but thanks to Sue and Pylon, we’ll also look into getting some Sea Legs from the UK, and I might even be so desperate as to text a friend in Canada this weekend so we can try the Gravol Gmarie suggested.  Then, there’s the Homeo Pet Anxiety Relief a new friend mentioned…

Hmmm… how ’bout that?!  Wiki says Gravol is Dramamine in the US

Anyone have any experience with any of those goodies?

And yes folks… this post exists because I can’t lose it.  I can delete emails and forget medicine names, and I’ve already confessed here somewhere that I had to pull up this blog to remember all the talking points I had for Wondervet…

Nothing Tranquil…

April 1, 2010

… about riding with Gretchen.

While this blog is normally about Sissy’s diet and allergy struggles, we’re going to hijack it today to talk about Gretchen’s car troubles.   She got an upset tummy on every single ride for the first several months of her life.  We tried Cerenia last year for the first trip to the beach, but I think we still had some sort of incident. 

Then, amazingly, THAT stopped, and we were left with the most severe case of nerves you’ve ever seen.  She trembles.  She pants.   Her heart races. 

Mugsy and Sissy, April 2008 - the good riders

We tried Benedryl.  It didn’t help at all.  I’ve never had a dog with such issues with riding, and we’re at a loss.  I have a call into the vet for some kind of suggestion, because while Gretchen’s panic attack is stressful for all of us, we also worry about her health and safety.  It can’t be good for her to be so stressed out for so long!

She doesn’t want to be left out, and she does enjoy the beach, so we need a solution, because the ACE didn’t work either.  In fact, it seemed to make her even more restless, until about 4-5 hours after I’d given it to her, when she became obviously groggy, but fought HARD to stay awake.  She just won’t relax at all in a vehicle; she insists on standing or for the briefest moments, sitting, but always in a frantic version of alertness.

We tried the elevated little dog “seat” thingee, when she was very little.   We don’t have it anymore, because after one particularly rough episode of car sickness, I tossed it.

Again, she isn’t getting sick anymore, but I’d love to hear from any of you with dogs with anxiety issues.  Gretchen is normally a well-adjusted, calm girl.  Long car rides are the only thing that put her over the edge!