Nothing Tranquil…

… about riding with Gretchen.

While this blog is normally about Sissy’s diet and allergy struggles, we’re going to hijack it today to talk about Gretchen’s car troubles.   She got an upset tummy on every single ride for the first several months of her life.  We tried Cerenia last year for the first trip to the beach, but I think we still had some sort of incident. 

Then, amazingly, THAT stopped, and we were left with the most severe case of nerves you’ve ever seen.  She trembles.  She pants.   Her heart races. 

Mugsy and Sissy, April 2008 - the good riders

We tried Benedryl.  It didn’t help at all.  I’ve never had a dog with such issues with riding, and we’re at a loss.  I have a call into the vet for some kind of suggestion, because while Gretchen’s panic attack is stressful for all of us, we also worry about her health and safety.  It can’t be good for her to be so stressed out for so long!

She doesn’t want to be left out, and she does enjoy the beach, so we need a solution, because the ACE didn’t work either.  In fact, it seemed to make her even more restless, until about 4-5 hours after I’d given it to her, when she became obviously groggy, but fought HARD to stay awake.  She just won’t relax at all in a vehicle; she insists on standing or for the briefest moments, sitting, but always in a frantic version of alertness.

We tried the elevated little dog “seat” thingee, when she was very little.   We don’t have it anymore, because after one particularly rough episode of car sickness, I tossed it.

Again, she isn’t getting sick anymore, but I’d love to hear from any of you with dogs with anxiety issues.  Gretchen is normally a well-adjusted, calm girl.  Long car rides are the only thing that put her over the edge!


4 Responses to “Nothing Tranquil…”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Sorry to hear the Ace didn’t work. There must be something stronger– doggie valium? Poor little thing. If only we could make them understand…

  2. scrabblequeen Says:

    Wish I had a good suggestion for you. My friend used to get doggie valium at July 4th for her dog…I have no experience with it. I wonder, if you took her in the car for short drives, more often, would she get “used” to it? Good luck on your search for a solution.

  3. Susan Says:

    My girl puppy has anxiety attacks during thunderstorms. I use HomeoPet Anxiety Relief. Works well. She usually just goes to sleep. Hope you can find her some relief.

  4. StarSpry Says:

    Poor Gretchen! I’m glad she doesn’t get sick anymore, but it’s too bad she is now has such anxiety about car rides 😦 I hope the vet or some of your other readers have some helpful suggestions for you!

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