Swallow This…

Thanks for all the feedback and advice!  Wondervet has called in a prescription of Xanax for Gretchen, to be taken in conjunction with the Ace mentioned in the previous post.  She’s afraid to stop the Ace completely, as she suspects Gretchen’s anxiety is in part due to her fear of getting sick in the car…

Gotta' ride in the car to get to the beach!

So, we’ll try that this weekend, but thanks to Sue and Pylon, we’ll also look into getting some Sea Legs from the UK, and I might even be so desperate as to text a friend in Canada this weekend so we can try the Gravol Gmarie suggested.  Then, there’s the Homeo Pet Anxiety Relief a new friend mentioned…

Hmmm… how ’bout that?!  Wiki says Gravol is Dramamine in the US

Anyone have any experience with any of those goodies?

And yes folks… this post exists because I can’t lose it.  I can delete emails and forget medicine names, and I’ve already confessed here somewhere that I had to pull up this blog to remember all the talking points I had for Wondervet…


3 Responses to “Swallow This…”

  1. Knitting It Out Says:

    Don’t our doggies just take us to the most interesting of places (physically, intellectually, and emotionally)?

  2. Monica (aka monnibo) Says:

    I dont know about dogs… but man I SWEAR by my Gravol when I travel. I get suuuuper motion sick. Buses, planes, cars, trains (if I’m facing backwards) you name it, I’ll throw up on it. Once, they only had a “new” Gravol that was non-drowsy made from ginger at the airport. I was so upset. Part of what’s great about Gravol is that it knocks you out, and for a 9-hour cross-Atlantic flight, that’s fantastic.

    However, I know when I’m going to go travelling. That could be why Gretchen has the anxiety. She can’t mentally prepare herself because she doesn’t know she’s going until you’re packing up. I wonder if there is something you could do to signal her… Henry reacts badly to his carry-crate, but maybe there is something like bringing that out of the closet that would let Gretchen know you were going somewhere soon together. Although, that could backfire and freak her out more. If Henry sees his carry-crate, he will run and hide under the bed (which is quite a task considering that is my storage area). I have to close the bedroom door before I even bring the carry-crate in… and once he hid behind the toilet, poor boy.

    Good luck with Gretchen. I just want to say again that I swear by Gravol, and even the ginger one works well. I remember there was a chewable kind when I was a kid too. Have you tried those pressure-point wristbands? I didn’t find they worked but some people find them useful.

    P.S. I nearly laughed when you said Gretch was on Xanex… but it’s not funny that she’s stressed out.

  3. Sue Says:

    We tried Dramamine on Pylon and Morgan and it had no effect whatsoever. They still panted, drooled and vomited.

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