Paw-dicures are Pricey

Sissy broke a nail Saturday morning, requiring a quick, just before they close sprint across town to Wondervet.  Yes, our beloved vet was there on a “holiday Saturday” and even called as we were rushing through the door to assure we were going to make it before the animal hospital closed for the weekend.

It was a bigger deal than a broken nail might sound.  Sis hopped off the hot tub cover as she does dozens of times every single day.  Because her nails were a bit long, due to her inability to tolerate a pedicure, somehow the impact drove the quick of her nail through the nail itself. 

Luckily, there wasn’t as much bleeding as you might think.  However, because Sis is a basset and therefore, doesn’t like having her feet touched at all, a little “gas” was required to remove the nail.  Wondervet and staff trimmed ALL of the nails while girlfriend was out, and we came home with antibiotics and five days’ worth of pain pills.

So, yeah.  Gretchen has Ace and Xanax, and Sis is still groggy. 

Sissy is happy to wear “hats” when she’s under the influence.  If you visit my blog, you’ll see more photos of what I do when Sissy can’t run away from me.

That’s my favorite photo from the afternoon.  She’s a cute, drugged, basset-bunny, isn’t she?  Those ears and the pink bunny face on Gretchen were gifts from my mother inlaw.

Here’s what else I learned today:

  • Sissy takes more gas to go under than Wondervet estimated. 
  • You know you have the right vet when hearing a horrible cry from your dog still finds you thinking, “Poor Wondervet!!  That must have broken her heart.”  (It did.)
  • Being scared and in a lot of pain causes Sis to dump her own glands.  (Yes.  THE glands.  On Wondervet.  Sis owes Wondervet a very nice card, and I think I need to knit something.)
  • The Knight has gotten a pass on trimming toenails for Sis for a while.  Good thing; Sis glared and slunk away when she saw him pick up the HUMAN nail clippers.
  • There’s nothing cuter than a dopey hound drooling on MY pillow.  Really. 
  • There’s nothing that melts my heart like the sight of the Knight’s bedside manner… directed at a drooling hound.
  • Gretchen – yes, WEE Gretchen – can open the sliding glass door when she’s left in the pen alone.

Happy Easter, from our pack to yours!



11 Responses to “Paw-dicures are Pricey”

  1. Monica (aka monnibo) Says:

    LOL doped up animals are so funny. I remember Henry when he was coming to after the snip-snip. He just couldn’t figure out the simplest things. I think you should print out a copy of that last Sissy photo for Wondervet. 🙂

  2. scrabblequeen Says:

    Oh Sissy, my Diva friend….so sorry you hurt your foot and had to go through all that horrible vet-y stuff. I sure hope you mild this for all it’s worth…maybe a few extra yummies could be coming your way?
    Woofs….Sasha, (and Misty, too….)

  3. Susan Says:

    Sissy, sorry about the sore foot!! Gretchen, that bunny mask is just too funny!!!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Poor Sissy. Mr. Bettis sends wet kisses.

    LOL…….the bunny ears and that mask are hilarious………SNOL LOVE IT!!

    You should make a collage of the pics with the girls in their dress up clothes.

  5. Nichole Says:

    Oh poor Sis… ouchie!!! So glad you guys have wondervet and everything works out well…

    The pictures ARE great… maybe we need to try some drugs around here to get some ears to stay on! 😉

  6. Bubblesknits Says:

    Ooch!!! Poor girl! Poor all of you, really. Glad she’s okay. Give her a smooch for me.

  7. km Says:

    What a tough weekend. And I was so hoping this one would make up for the last one. Still, Happy Easter to you all.

  8. Mary Says:

    Glad you are healing, Sissy. Ya gotta know this must have been as traumatic for Mom as it was for you.

    And Miss G, the Jack Bunny Russell Terrier award was made for you!

  9. gaylen Says:

    So glad she’s able to dump her glands at one point or another all by herself. I know you are less than thrilled but . . . .

    lots of big news and yes gravol is the same (essentially) as dramamine but it seems to work different for some reason. g

  10. Sue Says:

    That’s the strangest picture of Gretchen. She looks like she’s going scuba diving.

    So sorry about the nail. We’ve been thu that experience several times, usually Samba, but Norma Jean has done it, too.

    You’re learning that dogs like to pick holidays to get sick or injured. Mine do.

  11. Anita Says:

    I love Sissy with her bunny ears on. 🙂 I hope that paw is doing better. Heck I’d milk an injury for all it was worth right now. LOL

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