Loopy Who?

(Apologies to The Loopy Ewe.)

This is a follow-up on Gretchen’s latest ride, but since this is Sissy’s blog, we’ll deal with her first.   Sissy is doing okay, actually.  She is indeed milking her injury for all it is worth; her Dadaw carried her to bed last night, and when I got out of the shower this morning, she was on my pillow and encircled in his arms.  Both were sound asleep.  Sis is exceptionally mellow, due to the pain medicine, and we have three more days of that. 

Xanax and Gretchen didn’t mix well.   We headed to the farm yesterday, and the ride up wasn’t awful, but she surely wasn’t sedated.  She bounced around and greeted everyone when we arrived, but after dinner when we went to hang out on the back deck (the dog’s fenced yard is off of that), she was obviously drunk.  The time was roughly six hours after she had swallowed her meds.

By the time we headed home, she was so stoned she couldn’t walk straight.  She rested almost peacefully, but she was far more “loopy” than I’m comfortable with, for the rest of the night.  For our next effort, we’re going to try just placing her in a small, soft-sided airline crate, and we’ll secure that on the front, center console, which is where she insisted up settling.

Thanks for all of the advice.  If she doesn’t ride well enough THAT way, I might be asking a Canadian to ship me some Gravol…


4 Responses to “Loopy Who?”

  1. scrabblequeen Says:

    I don’t think I;d like a drunken pup either! I do hope you find a viable solution soon. Good to hear Missy Sissy, our favorite diva, is getting all the love and spoiling she desrves.

  2. Mary Says:

    Good to hear you all survived Easter weekend! You sure G didn’t sneak a Mint Julep when you weren’t looking :)?

  3. Dianne Says:

    Oh my goodness…I’m just getting caught up. Poor babes. Sounds like your vet is fantastic!

  4. Sue Says:

    I hope she wasn’t a nasty drunk. Poor little thing wants to be cuddled on your lap, I’m sure. How to explain to her that it isn’t safe.

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