Sissy here. Mom’s all caught up in other stuff, but we’re just fine. I spent a few days being quiet and sleeping a lot, but I’m totally back to normal now, minus that one REALLY short toenail. Sometimes I bump it and it’s sore for a second, but it’s not slowing me down.

Gretchen’s actually my bigger concern. Frankly, it’s upsetting to have to ride with her, so I hope they come up with something that works. I worry about her, but I also can’t help getting a good case of the green-eyed monster because Mom and Dadaw focus on her almost completely and just pat me on the head once in a while and murmur about me being a good girl.

Mom did get all crazy and create a “mii” for each of us on her stupid game. They don’t look much like us, but it seems to make her happy to see the funky, computerized versions of us on the game. I’m just glad no one was around to see her holding me on the balance board while she was creating my thing. I held still, but I sure didn’t feel super-secure!

Happy Dogs on Thursday. What kinds of crazy things do you suffer through to humor the humans?

My most humiliating moment Halloween 2009


4 Responses to “Limbo?”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Happy DOT Sis!

  2. Dianne Says:

    Yeah, mom put us in that stupid game, too. I think it makes my butt look big.



  3. gaylen Says:

    OMG! She looks like she’s totally lifting her leg on the costume! That’s hysterical funny!!
    Hey – my mom made me to ‘gility! It was horrible do you know how people laugh at a hound dog when he does touch? And I was good at it too – but you’d never know from the way people laughed at me! rude – beau

  4. Sue Says:

    We don’t like wearing all those silly outfits and hats that Mom comes up with. Morgan and Fudge don’t seem to mind, but the rest of us try to get them off.

    We also don’t like it when Mom lets strangers squeeze our toes. She tells people about our webbed feet, then she thinks she has to show them. We’re supposed to stand there while people squeeze our webs and compare us to ducks. Ducks!!

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