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Patriotic Pups

May 31, 2010

While Mama searched for a suitable link to veteran dogs, she found THIS.   It ties in nicely with Miss Sue‘s post on fostering dogs on Dogs ‘n More.  (And don’t miss Sue’s pack’s red bandana event.  Mama got some cute shots of us!) 

The article says dogs have been serving the military since World War I, but we’re betting that’s just when they were formally inducted into the service.  We’re sure that since the time of man, his best friend has gone to battle with him.  So, we honor our fallen veterans today too, human, canine or … whatever other species there might be.

Don’t mind our somber expressions.  Not only is honoring the high price of freedom serious work, but Mama also waited until the deck wasn’t in direct sunlight, and we’d been chasing lizards and nursing Dadaw all day, so we were tired!

Take a hint!

May 27, 2010

Dear Mom and Dadaw –

Just want to point out that I don’t tote bowls around the house for the heck of it.  I do it to get your attention not so you’ll try to take a photo for blogging purposes, but because I AM STARVING.

I am WELL aware that bowls do not belong on the sofa, in the laundry Dadaw is sorting, in the middle of the living room floor… but a girrl has to take drastic measures to get her message across.

So thank YOU, Daddy dearest, for coming home, picking up all four bowls that I’d found on the shelf where Mom thought they were safe, and then feeding me – and Gretchie too.

Licks and love,


Woe is Me!

May 24, 2010

Gretchen here.  Mama won’t tell, but I will.  These drugs Sissy’s on are awful.  I don’t know what got into Sis Friday night, but after being so very good all week, staying in our bedroom instead of the crate while the people worked, Sissy ruined everything.

There are no photos, because Dadaw was very upset and Mama was busy cleaning up the mess, but Friday night, Sis ATE the remote to our fabulous bed (from Mom – a Sleep Number), and then took out her frustrations on a pretty silk shoe on the blanket basket by Mama’s side of the bed. 

OBX Spring 2010 - I can't watch her all the time and she just doesn't listen to her little sister!

As if that wasn’t enough, Sis has been eating most of my kibble lately.  I always share with her, because I’m a little girl and I don’t need much, but honestly!  I do need to eat SOMETHING.  Mama told me I was a good girl and came in to back me up when I had to growl at Sis for the first time in my life.  Mama says it’s the drugs, so I sure hope that the last dose – last night – gets out of Sissy’s system  soon!

Mama also says that if Sis isn’t more herself in a few days, she’s calling the vet.  In the meantime, I’m wondering how long we have to suffer in the crate.   Mama told me I didn’t have to get in, but Sissy is my sister, and that just wouldn’t be right…

Still Here

May 21, 2010

Dear Mom and Dadaw,

This is what we look like.   While we’re enjoying the freedom of hanging out in our bedroom while you’re out, we miss you and wish you’d get your priorities straight and spend more time at home.   Otherwise, we can’t be responsible for what happens to the bathroom trashcan.

Licks and love,

Sissy and Gretchen

PS – Gretchen here… You know Sissy wrote that because I couldn’t knock over the trash if I wanted to, which of course, I don’t.   I’m also very proud of all of your community service, but I must say, I don’t understand why I couldn’t have worn my pretty dress and gone to the party with Mama, and Sis could have gone to the firehouse with Dadaw…


Now that they have that out of their system, I’ll share that Sis is doing well as we wrap up her steroids.  The situation hasn’t totally disappeared, but it’s worlds better.


May 17, 2010

So many have been asking how Sissy’s doing, and we appreciate the well-wishes.  That photo says it all.  She’s just not quite herself, but honestly, she’s doing better on the steriods than I do!

It’s definitely not her anal glands, so I’m waiting and hoping the steriods do the trick.  It’ll be a week tomorrow, and today is her last daily dose.  Then we start three “every other day” doses and she’s done.

Gretchen’s doing well though.  I love it when she acts like a terrier!

Don’t mind the doghouse.  Fred, our big basset boy of the past, required cross ventilation, it would seem.  I’ve requested a repair, but the Knight has seen Gretchen slip out of the “back door” so he isn’t inclined to fix it, since the fur-girls don’t stay outside.  Thus, he feels the house is more useful as a toy than as shelter…

Have a great week!

In and Out

May 13, 2010

Sissy here.  Miss G tried to tell Mommy yesterday I needed to use the computer, but Mommy wasn’t listening.  This prednisone is evil stuff.  Makes me crazy-thirsty and if it’s possible to feel hungrier, that too. 

Sissy and big water, March 2010

This is just a friendly reminder to pay attention to your pets’ water intakes.  A change in how often the human fills the water bowl can mean all kinds of things.  Excessive thirst is a marker for several medical issues such as diabetes (and steriod use, not that many dogs are scoring steriods from their teammates or trainers).

Of course, more water in means more water out…

Happy Dogs on Thursday, and I’m thankful that my Dadaw will be home soon to let me in and out all day long.


May 11, 2010

Sissy here.  Mom’s waiting on wondervet to call her back.  I’m here to tell you…  I don’t know whether I want to go see her or not.  I’m half miserable, but getting your glands expressed is no picnic either. 


Mom here.  While Gretchen is doing well on her Benadryl – and like Mugsy, she strongly prefers the grape, children’s chewables, thanks much – Sissy still has licky issues in a rude spot, and I’m not sure whether it is gland related, seasonal allergy related, or what.  But that’s what vets are for, right?

As for the title, well, that’s what the top part of her rude spot looks a bit like, and those of you who know me know that I’m apt to stick my tongue out when things aren’t going my way.   That’s definitely the case with this mess.  I’m so tired of my girl not feeling her best!

Edited to add:  Bring on the steroids.  I hate steroids, but they do their jobs well, and if they make my girl comfortable, so be it.  We are blessed to have found wondervet, who doesn’t demand an office visit when she’s just seen her favorite patient a few days ago.

An old, familiar song

May 7, 2010

Here we go again.   I just got off the phone with wondervet, because Sissy’s – ick warning! – rectum is a touch swollen, red, and she won’t stop licking it.  (No kisses for me, thanks…) 

My wallet is happy that we won’t be rushing across town to see our favorite vet, and it is even happier that the prescribed treatment is something we have lots of at home.



Mugsy, January 2008, probably doped up on allergy pills...

We have a long history with the stuff, going back to Mugsy, the seasonal allergy king.  He was allergic to something in every season.  Benadryl worked for a lot of his life, but the last few years, I was stuck with human prescription allergy pills for the boy.

So, the girrrls go on separate dosages, and hopefully that will stop all the itchies and Sissy’s current issues…  We check back with wondervet on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Thor’s Day part #2

May 6, 2010

Sissy here.  Mama flaked out.   Gretchen says it’s rude and I can’t say that, but there it is.   We didn’t get cake last night; we got applesauce.

Sissy spring 2009

Gretchen here.  Sissy has put a very unrealistic spin on things.   Mama and Dadaw were busy working on things outside, and we did get to play in the front yard for the first time in a very long time indeed.   Then, I think we would have gotten cake when they got home from dinner, but they found the duster for the ceiling fan rather ruined, so we’re actually lucky we got a treat of any kind.

Gretchen, spring 2009

Mean Mom here…  These are “stock” photos from last spring’s romp in the front yard and from a jello cup shared at Gretchen’s birthday party.  The girls were not camera-cooperative last night.

We ate our applesauce much like this...

Happy birthday, Thor.  I do plan to make your cake soon, so maybe we’ll have fun photos when I do.  I’m sure an educated gentleman like you understands that life and good intentions don’t always collide in the planned fashion.

Do you celebrate any events with your pets?

Thor’s Day part 1

May 5, 2010

Sissy & Gretchen here!  Today is a VERY special day in the woods.  The grandest gentleman we know is having a remarkably significant birthday today. 

Photo from Modern Day Ozzie & Harriet

Mama was busy flirting with McCord (from Mom: a VERY handsome Scottish terrier) last night (also from Mom:  I had a meeting with McCord’s mom, thank you!), so she didn’t get home in time to make Thor’s cake for us, although she insists we will celebrate with said cake tonight…

In the meantime, here’s a photo from my [Gretchen’s] first birthday party last summer.  I picked this one just for Mrs. Marjie (Thor’s mom), because she’s always worried about how serious I look.  While she can’t see my face, Sissy’s smiling and I’m happily on the hunt…

Have a very special day, Mr. Thor.  Tomorrow, we’ll share photos from our party in your honor!