Thor’s Day part #2

Sissy here.  Mama flaked out.   Gretchen says it’s rude and I can’t say that, but there it is.   We didn’t get cake last night; we got applesauce.

Sissy spring 2009

Gretchen here.  Sissy has put a very unrealistic spin on things.   Mama and Dadaw were busy working on things outside, and we did get to play in the front yard for the first time in a very long time indeed.   Then, I think we would have gotten cake when they got home from dinner, but they found the duster for the ceiling fan rather ruined, so we’re actually lucky we got a treat of any kind.

Gretchen, spring 2009

Mean Mom here…  These are “stock” photos from last spring’s romp in the front yard and from a jello cup shared at Gretchen’s birthday party.  The girls were not camera-cooperative last night.

We ate our applesauce much like this...

Happy birthday, Thor.  I do plan to make your cake soon, so maybe we’ll have fun photos when I do.  I’m sure an educated gentleman like you understands that life and good intentions don’t always collide in the planned fashion.

Do you celebrate any events with your pets?


5 Responses to “Thor’s Day part #2”

  1. Looking at life… « Chan Knits Says:

    […] in on last night’s lack of cake.  I did have every intention of having cake, but… they tell it better than I can. Published […]

  2. gmarie Says:

    so who’s owning up to eating the ceiling fan duster? Your girls are funny and I think you did flake out. You going to use the recipe I sent you? It looked good. g

  3. Nichole Says:

    Well … we did notz get ne cake or apple sauz…… ppptth!

    Zeus, Lola, Tut & Sophie……..

    ps – happy birfdayz thor!

  4. Sue Says:

    Dusters make great toys. Mom used to have a bright pink feather duster but someone thought it was a bright pink bird that had invaded the house and it needed to be punished. So when she returned home Mom had a handle and a pile of pink feathers. Serves her right for not taking us along with her.

  5. scrabblequeen Says:

    LOL…you girls sure know how to spin a yarn! Or is that “wag a tale”? Whatever, we know OUR mom wouldn’t have given us applesauce or anything good if that duster thing had happened here….Woofs.

    Sasha and Misty

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