An old, familiar song

Here we go again.   I just got off the phone with wondervet, because Sissy’s – ick warning! – rectum is a touch swollen, red, and she won’t stop licking it.  (No kisses for me, thanks…) 

My wallet is happy that we won’t be rushing across town to see our favorite vet, and it is even happier that the prescribed treatment is something we have lots of at home.



Mugsy, January 2008, probably doped up on allergy pills...

We have a long history with the stuff, going back to Mugsy, the seasonal allergy king.  He was allergic to something in every season.  Benadryl worked for a lot of his life, but the last few years, I was stuck with human prescription allergy pills for the boy.

So, the girrrls go on separate dosages, and hopefully that will stop all the itchies and Sissy’s current issues…  We check back with wondervet on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!


6 Responses to “An old, familiar song”

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  2. gmarie Says:

    Oh that wasn’t even bad. We do generic “prescription human allergy tablets” bought at the big warehouse store. Works – okay I guess. g

  3. Sue Says:

    Lola and Tess take Benedryl in the summer because they have allergy eyes. Sky takes it in the winter months and moves up to Chlortrimeton in the summer, again allergy eyes and Fudge takes Benedryl year round for his eyes.

    Monty was our allergy king. In the spring and fall he’s get runny eyes, a drippy nose, lots of sneezing and itching. If we didn’t catch it soon enough, his ears would get infected. He looked so pathetic during ‘the season’. He had to take both Benedryl and Chlortrimeton to relieve his symptoms.

  4. scrabblequeen Says:

    Ugh….I hates doggie allergy season….Misty in particular uses her share of Benadryl or the like…she gets the itchies bad. Hope Sissy’s probs are quickly brought under control….

  5. Terrie Says:

    I hope the benadryl has helped control Sissy’s alergies!

  6. Dianne Says:

    Poor Sissy. I hope she is feeling better!

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