In and Out

Sissy here.  Miss G tried to tell Mommy yesterday I needed to use the computer, but Mommy wasn’t listening.  This prednisone is evil stuff.  Makes me crazy-thirsty and if it’s possible to feel hungrier, that too. 

Sissy and big water, March 2010

This is just a friendly reminder to pay attention to your pets’ water intakes.  A change in how often the human fills the water bowl can mean all kinds of things.  Excessive thirst is a marker for several medical issues such as diabetes (and steriod use, not that many dogs are scoring steriods from their teammates or trainers).

Of course, more water in means more water out…

Happy Dogs on Thursday, and I’m thankful that my Dadaw will be home soon to let me in and out all day long.


7 Responses to “In and Out”

  1. Matter of Trust « Chan Knits Says:

    […] of Trust Happy Dogs on Thursday to you!  Sissy has already posted on the fur-girls’ blog this morning.   She and her steroids are doing okay.  It’s hard to watch her suffer from […]

  2. Sue Says:

    Excessive thirst is also an early sign of Cushings Disease. Lucy had to have her water intake measured every now and then to see how the disease was progressing.

    Samba has adjusted to the pred and doesn’t seem to be drinking as much as she was and she’s not waking me to go outside at night anymore.

  3. gmarie Says:

    I told you so . . . .

    Sweet girl – Mommy will listen to both of us now! g

  4. Nichole Says:

    Great tip!

    Great pics!

  5. scrabblequeen Says:

    Hmmm..well, yes…My momma, Bonnie, had to take steroids for the last few years of her life. She did say she was always, always hungry during that time…she used to try to steal MY food even! I hope your troubles go away soon, so you don’t have to be so starved…woofs. Misty

  6. StarSpry Says:

    You poor thing, Sissy! I hope the steroids clear up your problem and you can stop taking them soon!

  7. Monica (aka monnibo) Says:

    Our old cat, Ziggy, was on prednizone for thyroid issue (I think… I wasn’t the main care-giver). And he gained weight… although he had an all-you-can-eat buffet 24/7.

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