Still Here

Dear Mom and Dadaw,

This is what we look like.   While we’re enjoying the freedom of hanging out in our bedroom while you’re out, we miss you and wish you’d get your priorities straight and spend more time at home.   Otherwise, we can’t be responsible for what happens to the bathroom trashcan.

Licks and love,

Sissy and Gretchen

PS – Gretchen here… You know Sissy wrote that because I couldn’t knock over the trash if I wanted to, which of course, I don’t.   I’m also very proud of all of your community service, but I must say, I don’t understand why I couldn’t have worn my pretty dress and gone to the party with Mama, and Sis could have gone to the firehouse with Dadaw…


Now that they have that out of their system, I’ll share that Sis is doing well as we wrap up her steroids.  The situation hasn’t totally disappeared, but it’s worlds better.


8 Responses to “Still Here”

  1. R-cubed « Chan Knits Says:

    […] It’s been a long, full week.  The fur-girls aren’t particularly happy about all the time we’ve spent away from them, but you can read about that for yourself on their blog.  […]

  2. gMarie Says:

    OM freakin’ Dog! Those girls crack me up. Gretchen looks like Sissy’s shadow – in color! Just slightly smaller – like a shadow should be.

    That was way too funny. g

  3. Sue Says:

    G’s right. I have to stop sometimes and look again to see if it a shadow or Gretch.

    I love the little ruffly sweater. very girly.

  4. StarSpry Says:

    What a great picture of the girls! That’s such a pretty dress that Gretchen is wearing 🙂 I’m glad Sissy is doing well.

  5. scrabblequeen Says:

    LOL…I love you girl’s logic! Our people have been doing the same things, out to much and all, and need to get their priorities stratight, too!

    Woofs. Sasha an Misty

  6. Walden Says:

    I agree, the girls have a good point. 🙂

  7. Anita Says:

    I love that photo of the girls! Are things back to normal now after the weekend?

  8. Nichole Says:

    HA HA…

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