Take a hint!

Dear Mom and Dadaw –

Just want to point out that I don’t tote bowls around the house for the heck of it.  I do it to get your attention not so you’ll try to take a photo for blogging purposes, but because I AM STARVING.

I am WELL aware that bowls do not belong on the sofa, in the laundry Dadaw is sorting, in the middle of the living room floor… but a girrl has to take drastic measures to get her message across.

So thank YOU, Daddy dearest, for coming home, picking up all four bowls that I’d found on the shelf where Mom thought they were safe, and then feeding me – and Gretchie too.

Licks and love,



9 Responses to “Take a hint!”

  1. gmarie Says:

    Love that photo! She looks a bit pissed at you (yes, you, Chan, behind the camera!).

    Sissy – I’m so glad Dadaw got the message and fed you – you poor starving thing. g

  2. Dawn Says:

    Sweet photo!

  3. scrabblequeen Says:

    It is shocking to us what you poor gggrls have to do to get some food over there! If it happens again, be sure to call the SPCA or some other authority. If that fails, call for an enforcer. Grrrrrr Misty (and Sasha)

  4. Dianne Says:

    A girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do! Poor, starving darling! 😉

  5. Sue Says:

    Poor Sissy, Samba is very sympathetic. Like you she found that the male caretaker listens better and is more responsive to a poor starving dog.

  6. gmarie Says:

    hey girls – over here! just wanted to give you a heads up. Mom says I can’t send you food (she’s a spoilsport too!) but there is box coming just for you – should be there next week sometime. Abby Doodle

  7. Nichole Says:

    Poor Starving Sissy!

  8. Terrie Says:

    Poor Sissy. I hope the fur-girls had a good weekend and are enjoying a nice Monday with you and Dadaw 🙂

  9. Mary Says:

    Abby and Jake would be the first to say that it is their Dad who does the feeding…but it is because Mom is out the door at 5 am and the rest of them are still in bed for a couple more hours…

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