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June 29, 2010

Sissy here.  Mama took me to that place with all the rude people who are FAR too interested in a highly personal area yesterday.  The main offender (Mama calls her Wondervet) was in a great mood and kept hugging me and making happy noises, but then told Mama to keep on with the stooopid pills.

The Queen, surveying her oceanfront kingdom 3-10

The good part is that Wondervet woman did approve the Himalayan Dog Chews for me, so Gretch and I each devoured one when we got home.   Our thank you note pile is growing, because Auntie Nichole picked those up for us at her local pet shop.  No one around us carries them, but Wondervet was going to Google them after we left.


Mama here.  There are no photos of the fur-girls enjoying their treats, because I thought they would last longer than they did.  Seems we have very hard chewers, but they were happy, so I was happy.

And yes, Sis is still on another week or two of antibiotics and has a week or more to go on the Atopica daily, then we drop to every other day for a long while…  We’re sticking with the rabbit and potato kibble for now, because it seems Sis’s upset was bacterial.

I was REALLY proud of Sissy.  There were three tiny Papillions coming out of an exam room as we were checking in.   She was so polite and gentle! 

Keep your fingers crossed that Sis is on a more permanent path to long-term health!


Stop to Smell the Fiber!

June 28, 2010

Gretchen here.  Sis and I both owe a couple of proper thank yous to two dear “aunties”, but in the meantime, since I know Mama is going to blog about what Auntie ‘Nita sent her, I simply must tell you how much I LOVE that fiber… 

I’ve not rubbed and rolled in fiber or yarn for a really, REALLY long time, but I couldn’t help myself.  This stuff smelled like Auntie ‘Nita and some other kinda’ creature…

Sis didn’t quite get what all the fuss was about.  See that Auntie ‘Nita?!  Who REALLY loves YOU best? 

We’re waiting on Mama for photos so we can properly thank you for OUR gifts…

Queen of All

June 24, 2010

That’s me.  Eventually, Mama will get around to blogging her version of the family reunion last Saturday, but since this is my – er, our? – blog, I’ll share the good stuff.

Why yes, that is my bestest great auntie’s bed, and one of her dogs’ bones.  Mama was a little rattled about the whole thing, but auntie said to make myself at home… so I did.  (I took Gretchen and Chance with me to help her in the potty room too…  Mama got fluffed up about that, but auntie laughed and shut the door, with us on her side.)

[From Mama, the editor – see a pattern here?!]

That’s us, the youngsters, playin’ it up in auntie’s office, with Dadaw and some human cousins.  We normally hang out in the back yard, but it was too hot out there, so auntie offered up her office and the master suite.

If you’re curious about the black tail in the bottom, that’s Chance.  He’s a little older than me and very fun. 


Mama had a little trouble getting a good picture of him.  I’m sure if she’d brought the big camera, she’d have fared better, but what do I know?!  I mean, she’s only taken thousands of pictures of me…

That’s Luna.  She’s Chance’s older sister, and is a bit stuffy.  She’s not rude or mean, but she doesn’t ever want to play.  I’m sure Mama will talk more about them on her blog.

We had a big time, and I’m really glad the collar thing is helping Gretchie.  I manage to sleep in the car even if she is being crzay, but it’s much nicer when she’s half-way calm.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Oh – and another reason to celebrate – after I threw up my breakfast this morning and made Mama mess her hair up, Wondervet said I can stop taking my allergy pill.  I’m not sure which one that is – they’re all green except for the monster thing – but I’m excited about it!  I also get to go visit Wondervet next week.  I think they’re going to talk about a new food for me…

Fit Matters

June 22, 2010

Gretchen here.   Mama told a few of you we were trying a Thundershirt for me and my riding anxiety.   No, there AREN’T any photos of me in that skin-tight, awful gray shirt, thank you.    I do appreciate that Aunties Ann and Gmarie were on top of things and were feeding Mama ideas on how to glamorize said shirt, but I won’t be needing that either. 

You see, it didn’t help.  Sure, the website and the literature says to allow 2-3 uses for results, but Dadaw is on my side and the thing is going back.  Maybe some dogs find comfort in being squeezed, but I sure don’t.  

Also, mine didn’t fit like that.   Mama ordered the Extra Small based on my chest measurement, but it didn’t go that far down my hips.  However, the Small would be too big through the body, so what’s a girl to do!?

I’ll tell you what I did.  I played for a few minutes just before we got in the car, so I was panting and acting all hot.  Dadaw had been worried all day about how hot it was for us, so he simply insisted that I was NOT going to wear the shirt.  Mama slipped my calming collar over my head, and I had the best ride home ever.

Evidently, this shirt works for a lot of dogs with different anxiety issues, and it does have a 45-day money back guarantee.   Mama can buy a lot of collars for me with the refund…  Do let us know if you’ve tried it!

Round 4 Update

June 17, 2010

Have I mentioned that we’re so blessed to have wondervet?  My cell rang around 9:30, and it was the great lady herself.  Firstly, Sis does need to go back on the Round 3 drugs in addition to the antibiotics, so THAT will be big fun.  (Roughly 7 pills daily…)  However, we’re optimistic that at least the Atopica is working, because off it two days and the MOST unladylike licking returned with a vengeance.

So, perhaps we’re getting somewhere, ever so slowly.  No answer on the food yet.  We’ll make a decision next Wednesday.

Sis was in a great, playful mood yesterday, and that always makes ME feel better…

Happy dogs on thursday!

Mama Needs a Shot…

June 16, 2010

… in the arm, or a dose of sunshine, or any other way you might spin it.  I need to find some joy.

Wondervet kept her word (as she ALWAYS has) and called yesterday morning, albeit just before noon.   Here we go with round FOUR of the Sissy and her icky rear.

Round 1:  Assumed seasonal/environmental allergies.  Treated with human allergy meds – two of ’em.  Little to no improvement.

Round 2:  Prednisone.  ‘Roid rage is about all we got out of THAT experience.

Round 3:  Atopica and a canine allergy pill.  Saw improvement in the first few days, and then we spun all the way back to as bad as it has ever been over the weekend.

Round 4:  Antibiotics and a change in food.  No word on what yet.   I mean, when a basset doesn’t do well on rabbit of all things…  ??  Wondervet is researching and looking for options, and in the meantime, we’ve taken Sis off the “only rabbit and potato” diet, because frankly, it’s hard to get a basset to swallow a pill with a potato.

The last bite of beef, ever...

(No, seriously.  If you don’t have a very jowl-y dog, you don’t know.  They can slip that slime capsule between their slippery cheek and gum, and a minute after you’ve given them the “oh you took your pill like a champ” treat, the dang slobber-bullet shoots across the room, right in front of Gretchen, of course…)

Here’s a great example of why I’m so frustrated.  Sue has been an invaluable resource and support through this two-year plus journey.  She has mentioned Probiocin a couple of times, because she has a dog with a sensitive digestive system too.  This morning, I Googled it to prep for the next chat with wondervet (tomorrow), and almost burst into tears…

Yeah Sis, THAT part is the problem...

Corn starch is the second ingredient.   Sis is seriously intolerant (as in it comes back up immediately) to corn in any form (except possibly corn syrup) and chicken, even hydrolized.  

Welcome to my life.  Only ONE heartworm medicine is available without a BEEF flavoring added.  Wondervet and I are both holding our breath, hoping Sis’s system doesn’t decide it should be allergic to antibiotics too. 

Oh – and a VERY special shout-out to Auntie Gmarie, who is following this saga so closely that she corrected me when I said this flare-up didn’t start until later in the weekend, AND who knew that immuno-suppressants and antibiotics don’t mix.   Sis is blessed to have a pack of awesome faerie dogmothers to keep me straight.

But Butt…

June 14, 2010

Sorry for the crass title, but that’s where we are these days.  Wednesday, Wondervet and I thought things were looking good and ordered a long-term supply of one drug, and a small bag of kibble, just in case.

Yesterday morning, that awful raspberry looking swelling and redness were back in the most indelicate spot.

I have a call in to the vet.  Gretchen does look concerned in the photo, because we’re all frustrated and sad.  I hate that Sis doesn’t feel good.  I hate that we can’t even figure out how to treat the symptoms, much less get to the root of the problem.  Sis is such a good sport, but when she cried this morning when I began putting on my jewelry, and then as I walked through the house, it really broke my heart.

Red Bandana Day!

June 9, 2010

We don’t want to be late for red bandana day, hosted by our friends at The Portuguese Water Blog.  June 10th is a big day in their house, so we’re all decked out in red to celebrate with some of our favorite cyber friends!   Be sure to follow the link over on the 10th to see all of the participants in the big, red day.

This seems to be the favorite shot me – Sissy.  Mama calls it my attempt at being demure.  I call it me being as cooperative as I can be.

This is the best shot of Gretchen.  Bandanas aren’t exactly her style, so forgive her for not striking a better pose.   I guess a neck-kerchief just isn’t “fabulous” enough for her, but she’s still a cute little thing.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to look for the rest of the red bandana day party!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Gettin’ Better All the Time

June 8, 2010

Just a quick post to say that both dogs are doing much better these days.  Gretchen’s sweet mug was back to normal on Sunday, and she’s having a ball at the office with me.  Sissy’s meds are helping.  She’s not cured – still licking THERE – but it’s healing and the licking is only happening a couple of times daily.

The meds are dragging her down, but I can live with that.   She’s with us in the office too, but she’s spending most of her time acting like a proper, lazy basset.   I’ll be calling wondervet today to discuss the food situation; she wanted to give the meds two weeks, but that will mean I need to order food in a few days, which will commit us to another three weeks of food, because this stuff is too expensive to waste!

Deja vu?

June 5, 2010

From August 2009

Been there, done that… did it again.  As if it isn’t enough that my weekend is revolving around nursing Sis, it seems something that stings or bites got between Gretchen and her lizard(s).  Same right side swelling even.  My little hunter is passed out next to me on the sofa now, snoring through that enlarged honker.

Why no, I haven’t had time to spin yet today.  In fact, I think now I can get dressed, since both dogs are sound asleep and obviously, resting comfortably.  Think Nurse Lickey will let me wear her hat?