All around the mulberry bush…

I wish I had a mulberry bush.  Actually, we called it a mulberry tree and I climbed it in my childhood.

Hiding her head in shame... the things I share!!

Anyway, I feel we’re chasing our tails, and I don’t have a cute photo of Gretchen trying to catch her little nub either.   Sissy and those blasted anal glands are at it again.   

I’m really worried it’s not just her environmental allergies.  We have a life-long (roughly 2.5 years or so) pattern of Sis and her glands developing problems about every 4-8 months, in direct correlation with a change in kibble.  We started this rabbit prescription stuff in early January.  You do the math.

Aside from wanting her to be happy and healthy, I know she is ashamed of her little gland problem.  She’s learned to ask to go out when she needs to lick that most indelicate spot, and the two times she has “dumped” her gland(s) in the house, she’s been absolutely mortified.

I can tell you what we won’t be trying…  more steriods or anything else that might upset any of her systems more than the existing problem does.   The Knight REALLY wants to have the blood allergy test done, and at this point, a few false positives would still be better than what we have now.

Any and all feedback is heartily appreciated.   Wonder vet is incredible and we’re blessed to have her, but the Knight is quite sure this plan isn’t working, and I’m inclined to agree.


8 Responses to “All around the mulberry bush…”

  1. Nichole Says:

    I’m going to send you a website that may be another means of help…….

  2. Faerie Dogmother « Chan Knits Says:

    […] you’re following our progress on the girls’ blog, I have a rather frustrating post […]

  3. gmarie Says:

    I’m sorry she’s not doing better. Could it be a combination of food and airborne allergies? We did blood allergy tests on Miss Lucy and while she is allergic to things a dog should never be allergic to – like grass – the shots didn’t really help her.

    I hope Sis finds relief soon. g

  4. StarSpry Says:

    Poor Sissy; I’m sorry she isn’t getting better. I think the blood allergy test is a good idea. I really hope wondervet is able to offer some good suggestions for Sissy to find permanent relief from these issues!

  5. Kathy Says:

    Mr. Bettis sends kisses to Miss Sissy. Hope you she gets better soon.

  6. Anita Says:

    I know you all are frustrated… I hope Wondervet can find something to help.

  7. Mary Says:

    Hope you all get some relief soon.

  8. km Says:

    This is just sad. I hope you find some answers soon.

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