Riders on the Storm

(Title borrowed from The Doors.)

Whew!  I kissed the ground as soon as I was safely inside wondervet’s office.  We literally ran out into the storm, and I should have known no good could come from it.  (Edit from Mom – That’s hardly fair.  The entire staff adores her and makes over her and treat her like a queen.  They even call her nail trim a pedicure and made it sound so awesome Sis forgot she doesn’t like to have her toes done, but it was tough going, through puddles and by trees down on powerlines even…)

Sorry Sis, but this post is about the verdict and the plan, not your purple hazed version of the adventure.  After rehashing the past month’s worth of signs, symptoms and what we’d tried and how little it helped, wondervet examined Sissy’s rectum, expressed those anal glands, rubbed some clove oil on said indelicate part to encourage Sis to leave it alone (and guess what?!  I have the one dog in the world who thinks clove oil isn’t bad once you get used to it!), and then Sis and I waited (after her pedicure) for the prescriptions.

Here’s the plan.  Two weeks of trying two new drugs and the rabbit and potato kibble, with NO additions to the diet except pure rabbit or potato.  I’ll get to the rest of it in a minute, but did you know Chick Fil A fries their fries in peanut oil?  That’s good for Sis – no corn oil – but bad for everyone with a peanut allergy.

Back to the plan.  If two weeks of seriously strict food restrictions don’t show some improvement, we’ll try another allergy-type food.  I don’t know what, and right now, just thinking about it almost makes me cry.  But that’s the easy part.  We started one of the prescriptions last night, Hydroxyzine Pam.   It is supposed to help her with the itchies and oh how I hope, with the licking of that certain area she simply must stop licking so it can heal.  Do go read up on the drug, because it sure explains why my girl seems to be in a mellow haze.

Tomorrow, we’ll start the scary Atopica.   It’s a canine immunosuppressant, and it sometimes causes nausea.  I don’t want to borrow trouble, but given Sis’s delicate digestive system, even wondervet is hedging her bets.  I waited to start it tomorrow so that I’ll be home with her for two days, just in case.  Then, the girls have two days at work after that, and I’m hoping by then, we’ll know.   To say it is a horse pill is an understatement.  I’m pretty sure horse pills are smaller.

The Knight really wants a blood allergy test done.  Wondervet still feels they’re too apt to show false positives to be helpful.  Right now skin tests are also not on the table due to wondervet’s dissatisfaction with the last time or two she’s sent a patient out for such.  (No, I won’t elaborate, and yes, we all know we could find another allergist somewhere else in driving distance, but for now, we’re okay with not exploring this option.)

Have I mentioned that I really just want my big girl to feel well?  We’ve resorted to feeding Gretchen in the living room, because otherwise, the little sweetie eats a few pieces of kibble and then lets Sis take what she wants.   Oh – and that reminds me – Sis’s ‘roid rage has been noted in her file and will be weighed against any future need for steroids.

And never fear…  Gretchen was at home weathering the storm with her Dadaw and a big bag of carrots, which they polished off this evening.  The fur-girls did greet each other with lots of licks and whines.  I’m not sure who missed whom the most.


9 Responses to “Riders on the Storm”

  1. Anita Says:

    Good luck with all the new stuff! I sure hope it works, for everyone involved!! Smooches to the girls. 🙂

  2. Sue Says:

    Funny you should mention roid rage. When Samba was on the really high doses of Pred, she almost snapped our fingers off whenever we offered her a treat. Now that the dosage has come down, so has the aggression level.

  3. Dianne Says:

    Oh, darlin’ Sissy… What is a momma to do with you? I sure hope the new stuff works. Give her belly scratches from me. (Gretchen, too!)

  4. Finished Firsts « Chan Knits Says:

    […] be spinning that batt this weekend.  I’m also on Sissy watch.  You can read her blog to find out why, but so far, she hasn’t been sick, thankfully.  Y’all were quiet too […]

  5. Mary Says:

    The detective work needed to help Sissy feel better is obviously tough on everyone. Hope the she gets some relief with the new treatments. Hate it when the cure is worse than what ails ya. Have fun batting!

  6. Bubblesknits Says:

    Poor Sissy. She just can’t catch a break food-wise, can she?

  7. scrabblequeen Says:

    A mother’s worries can go on and on, can’t they? I hope you and your little one get things under control, and soon!

  8. gMarie Says:

    Just coming out of being self-absorbed and angry. Hope WonderVet is right and that Missy Sissy is feeling 100% better soon! It’s no fun when they can’t talk to you. I hate that part the most. g

  9. Nichole Says:

    Here’s hoping there are answers at the end of the rabbit hole……..

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