Mama Needs a Shot…

… in the arm, or a dose of sunshine, or any other way you might spin it.  I need to find some joy.

Wondervet kept her word (as she ALWAYS has) and called yesterday morning, albeit just before noon.   Here we go with round FOUR of the Sissy and her icky rear.

Round 1:  Assumed seasonal/environmental allergies.  Treated with human allergy meds – two of ’em.  Little to no improvement.

Round 2:  Prednisone.  ‘Roid rage is about all we got out of THAT experience.

Round 3:  Atopica and a canine allergy pill.  Saw improvement in the first few days, and then we spun all the way back to as bad as it has ever been over the weekend.

Round 4:  Antibiotics and a change in food.  No word on what yet.   I mean, when a basset doesn’t do well on rabbit of all things…  ??  Wondervet is researching and looking for options, and in the meantime, we’ve taken Sis off the “only rabbit and potato” diet, because frankly, it’s hard to get a basset to swallow a pill with a potato.

The last bite of beef, ever...

(No, seriously.  If you don’t have a very jowl-y dog, you don’t know.  They can slip that slime capsule between their slippery cheek and gum, and a minute after you’ve given them the “oh you took your pill like a champ” treat, the dang slobber-bullet shoots across the room, right in front of Gretchen, of course…)

Here’s a great example of why I’m so frustrated.  Sue has been an invaluable resource and support through this two-year plus journey.  She has mentioned Probiocin a couple of times, because she has a dog with a sensitive digestive system too.  This morning, I Googled it to prep for the next chat with wondervet (tomorrow), and almost burst into tears…

Yeah Sis, THAT part is the problem...

Corn starch is the second ingredient.   Sis is seriously intolerant (as in it comes back up immediately) to corn in any form (except possibly corn syrup) and chicken, even hydrolized.  

Welcome to my life.  Only ONE heartworm medicine is available without a BEEF flavoring added.  Wondervet and I are both holding our breath, hoping Sis’s system doesn’t decide it should be allergic to antibiotics too. 

Oh – and a VERY special shout-out to Auntie Gmarie, who is following this saga so closely that she corrected me when I said this flare-up didn’t start until later in the weekend, AND who knew that immuno-suppressants and antibiotics don’t mix.   Sis is blessed to have a pack of awesome faerie dogmothers to keep me straight.


4 Responses to “Mama Needs a Shot…”

  1. Flip-flop « Chan Knits Says:

    […] resources that allow us to care for Sissy.  For the latest on our saga and her struggles, see the other blog.   We have a great vet with the kindest, most patient staff ever, and we have friends who listen […]

  2. gMarie Says:

    Well I didn’t know for sure that they wouldn’t work – I do know for sure that immuno-suppressants and the anit-inflams like Rimadyl and there’s another one with a D – don’t mix and cause horrible side effects.

    It’s just so hard to know what to do. I wish you luck and patience as you try yet another thing. g

  3. Nichole Says:

    Hang in there… Sis and Mom! Hugs…..

  4. Sue Says:

    There has to be something causing these problems and Wondervet sounds determined to discover them. I’m staying positive that you’ll get to the source soon and get the girl some relief.

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