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Baby’s Pool

July 29, 2010

Gretchen here.  Happy Dogs on Thursday!  For obvious reasons, one of my nicknames has always been The Baby.  When I was really little and could slip away from the pack and hide under things, Mama would just ask Sissy, “Where’s The Baby?” and Sis would find me.

It’s been very hot in the woods, which doesn’t slow me down much, but it makes Sissy lazy and boring and it makes Mama and Dadaw slow to let me out as often as I need to go out to patrol the yard.  I mean, there are lizards, bugs, squirrels, deer…

Anyway, they presented me with a baby pool. 

The first day, Dadaw just put some water in it and we kinda’ checked it out. 

Sissy said it was just a big water bowl and we should try to empty it.

Finally yesterday afternoon, Dadaw scooped me up and explained the pool concept to me.  It had rained, so it didn’t look so much like a giant water bowl anymore, but I took a sip anyway, to make Sissy happy.

They were even able to talk Sis into the pool, but she still insisted on trying to drink it dry.

I kinda’ enjoyed cooling my heels.  Mama’s hoping I’ll decide to hop in and out of the pool to stay cool, and I just might!

Paws for Prayers

July 22, 2010

Since last Thursday’s post, too many of Mama’s friends have had pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.   That makes Mama sad, which makes us sad.  Sure, extra hugs are always appreciated, but then she starts muttering through the tears about how we need to be really healthy and live forever…??

Please go wish our Aunt G well, and the rest of her pack.  Dudley was their first dog, so this was also their first time having to help their pet across The Bridge. 

Then, Garden Kitty was a cat, but it’s still sad.  Fred (the first, male basset in our pack) just told Mama and Auntie G yesterday that across The Bridge, he kinda’ likes cats…  Anyway, go wish them sympathy too.

Sea my new food?

July 20, 2010

Gretchen here.    Mama’s been messing with my food for a few weeks now.  First, I was on Orijen, but someone pointed out that it’s a little high in protein, compared to the norm.  Mama did a bit of research and found out that the Wellness Core Ocean has a little less protein.  So, now we’re transitioning me to that one.  I’m not crazy about all of this change, but I don’t seem to have a choice in the matter.

Mama here.  I went with Wellness because it’s easier to find locally, and Sis did well longer on Wellness than any other commercial food.  I went with Core because it is grain free, and while we know Sis is allergic to corn, there’s a chance she needs a gluten-free diet too.  I went with Ocean, because frankly, as vigilant as I am, I cannot guarantee that Sis won’t snarf a piece or a mouthful here and there. 

I hope that one day, Sis will return to a non-prescription kibble too.  For now though, that’s only a dream, not even a realistic goal yet.

Woof About Me?!

July 15, 2010

Please pardon Mama.  She’s been scattered lately.   

Gretchen is just beside herself because we haven’t had a chance to post our own proper thank you to Mr. Bettis and his pack.    Their mama-owner sent Mama some fibery goodies, and Mr. B saw to it that we got some yummies too.  They were even safe for me – Sissy – to eat!  Thanks, y’all.  We hear Mr. Bettis’s owner, the man of the house, was the one who actually made the selection for us.  Yum, yum!

In case you’re wondering, we’re doing great.  I’m not minding taking that big ol’ pill every other day, but I’m jealous that Gretchen has this new kibble.  I keep trying to grab a few bites, but she and Mama are pretty rude about not sharing.

Hope things are doing well for you!

Calling the feeders!

July 8, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday to ya!  

Gretchen here.  I have a very quick question for all of you with multiple pets, of the same species.  Do you feed different kibble to the different pets? 

You see, I’m really enjoying the not-prescribed kibble Mama picked up last week in a state of crisis, and I’m hoping you will help me convince her I’m worth the extra effort.  No, I don’t each much at all, and yes, Sis does sometimes get a snarf of my kibble, even if Mama’s standing RIGHT THERE, but…

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Mama here.  Rest assured, it’s still a grain-free, seafood formula, so none of Sissy’s known or suspected allergens are present. 

Hope you’re staying cool!  Our favorite stay-cool tip is ice-cold watermelon.  Yum!

Dawning of a New Day

July 7, 2010

Sissy should look happier.  (She was tired of posing.)  Today is a new day at our house!  She’s off her antibiotics AND is transitioning to every other day with the Atopica.  Everything’s looking fine, just fine.

Keep your fingers crossed.  I’m hoping this isn’t a temporary thing.  Hopefully, we’ve knocked this, that and the other out of her system and we can now RETURN our focus to her food allergies.

Tailored Tutu

July 5, 2010

What?!  You don’t wear your tutu to play in the yard?!

Dearest Auntie Gmarie, I LOVE my perfectly-fitting purple tutu.   In fact, I get cranky when Mama takes it off of me, but she’s always muttering something about not ruining it.   I never knew clothes could be so fun!  It really is all about the fit, isn’t it?!  Evidently, I’m a snug at the waist, VERY short skirt kinda’ girl, but Dadaw says that shouldn’t surprise anyone…

Gretchen here.  Thank you too for my lovely PANK frock.  I love the dots and the ruffle!  I also really like the large leg holes; makes it easier to run and leap with Sissy.  We really liked getting all dressed up.  I also sincerely appreciate the timing; Mama was so excited about our new clothes that she didn’t bother shoving us into our patriotic hat and such.

We think it’s lovely to get pressies for Mama’s birthday, but Mama also loved that you somehow got Dadaw to cooperate with the surprise.  Dadaw said it would be okay for me to ask for my own PANK tailored tutu; I really do love clothes you know!

Did everyone have a nice 4th of July?

Woof Sincere Thanks

July 1, 2010

Have you seen our Mama?   She’s supposed to stay at home with us in the evenings, but we don’t know what her problem is lately…

Good thing we’re good with computers.  We are lacking proper photos of us sporting our first gift, but Mama will have to make up for that this weekend.   We don’t  care  know  what she has planned for the weekend, but we’re making sure she gets her priorities straight again!

Anyway, these are the gifties Auntie Ann gave us LAST Friday.   Someone she knows is soon going to have an Etsy shop where you can get your dogs (and cats or other pets) their own collar charms.  These just clip right on the ring on the collar… not that we’d know if we didn’t have superior powers of reasoning.

Then, before Mama could bother to give us those, we got a package from Auntie ‘Nita.   We have a feeling Mama is plotting something else, but in the meantime, we kinda’ liked wearing the silk flower strings Auntie ‘Nita sent us!

Now, since you’re aware that Mama has been slacking, you might recall that she brought us gifts from some day trip she went on a while back.   Sis got a fancy, purple skirt with a pretty satin bow.

I got a fat ring of pale pink pearls.  First, Mama nearly choked me with them, around my neck.  Then, she wrapped them around my ankle, but I’m here to tell you…  I didn’t like that one bit. 

Thank you for all of our gifts!  We really do like pressies, no matter how silly they are.   Please forgive us for not posting proper appreciation right away, but we are hindered by Mama’s lack of cooperation and attention.

Happy dogs on Thursday and clearly, we’re all about Thankful Thursday today too.