Dawning of a New Day

Sissy should look happier.  (She was tired of posing.)  Today is a new day at our house!  She’s off her antibiotics AND is transitioning to every other day with the Atopica.  Everything’s looking fine, just fine.

Keep your fingers crossed.  I’m hoping this isn’t a temporary thing.  Hopefully, we’ve knocked this, that and the other out of her system and we can now RETURN our focus to her food allergies.


7 Responses to “Dawning of a New Day”

  1. Rib-ble Me This… « Chan Knits Says:

    […] I know both Daddy and Soot would have adored Sissy and Gretchen, even though Daddy swore he didn’t like little dogs.  The Knight and I have laughed more than once, sure that Daddy would have been caught watching TV with Mugsy and now Gretchen, tucked into his lap…  So, they’d be glad to share the celebration with Sissy too, but you can read about that here.  […]

  2. Sue Says:

    Good for you Sissy. Life should get better now and you can get back to being a diva hound. Samba had good news yesterday, too. We’re dropping her Prednisone again. It always scares me when we do that, but it’s getting us closer to our maintenance goal.

  3. gMarie Says:

    Yea Sissy! And Yea for Samba too! I’ll keep my fingers and paws crossed for both of you girls. g

  4. Nichole Says:

    WOO HOO!!!!!!!! Go Sis!!!

  5. Susan Says:

    Sissy, all the paws at my house are crossed for you!!!

  6. scrabblequeen Says:

    Oh, yeah!

  7. Dianne Says:

    I am doing the Dance of Joy for Sissy!!!!

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