Calling the feeders!

Happy Dogs on Thursday to ya!  

Gretchen here.  I have a very quick question for all of you with multiple pets, of the same species.  Do you feed different kibble to the different pets? 

You see, I’m really enjoying the not-prescribed kibble Mama picked up last week in a state of crisis, and I’m hoping you will help me convince her I’m worth the extra effort.  No, I don’t each much at all, and yes, Sis does sometimes get a snarf of my kibble, even if Mama’s standing RIGHT THERE, but…

Your input is greatly appreciated.

Mama here.  Rest assured, it’s still a grain-free, seafood formula, so none of Sissy’s known or suspected allergens are present. 

Hope you’re staying cool!  Our favorite stay-cool tip is ice-cold watermelon.  Yum!


8 Responses to “Calling the feeders!”

  1. Long Ago… « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Happy little friday and Dogs on Thursday!  Gretchen is seeking your input over on their blog, so pop over and chime in, if you don’t mind, please? Soot, around 1988, age […]

  2. gMarie Says:

    I have in the past feed different kibble to different dogs. For a small period of time – maybe a year we had Lucy on her own kibble, but since it didn’t seem to be helping her it wasn’t worth the fight for me to keep her on her own.

    Tell your momma to suck it up! Get you the kibble you like and feed you on top of the table if need be – Sis won’t climb up there and they aren’t using it for human dinners anyway! g

  3. scrabblequeen Says:

    When I was little (or young, mom says) I used to eat puppy food while Auntie Misty ate grown-up food. Then, Misty had to go on diet food! Well, I was still too young and active for that, so for a while I still got the good stuff. Now, sadly, mom makes me eat the diet stuff, too. Does this mean she’s lazy? Woofs. Sasha

  4. Sue Says:

    For a while we were buying five different dog foods. Now we’re down to just three. I feed dogs in groups of three or four at a time and nobody goes after the other guy’s food. Occasionally I’m not paying attention and I switch bowls. They love it when I do that and scarf it down fast before I can take it back.

  5. Bubblesknits Says:

    We tried having our cats on two different foods (wet for two, dry for two) and that didn’t go well. Our cats are grazers, even when we tried doing *definite* meal times. They’d be starving and still only eat a bit, walk off, bathe themselves, come back, eat a bit more, go chase a toy….you get the idea.

  6. Mary Says:

    Same food for both dogs in our house, but neither of them has any allergies. While Jake has a bowl at the bottom of the stairs and Abby at the top, Jake is just as likely to snarf down food from either bowl. However, he does not take kindly to Abby showing up at his bowl and sometimes finds it necessary to sleep in front of it (esp if there are piles of laundry waiting to be done–so comfy)…just to be sure.

  7. Susan Says:

    Dear Gretchen, do you and Sissy behave when you have different food? Or do you argue over it? At my house the old lady (11yo) eats the diets stuff and the little guy (14 wk old) eats the high calorie puppy stuff. They eat at different times and places. If they get together at eating time, they fight. Your Mom is probably just trying to keep peace and cut down on her own work. You don’t want your Mom worn out, do you?

    Aunt Sus

  8. Nichole Says:

    Try really hard to keep all 4 on the same food here…. although if one had a prescription food, I would opt for that one dog only for that. =}

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