Paws for Prayers

Since last Thursday’s post, too many of Mama’s friends have had pets cross the Rainbow Bridge.   That makes Mama sad, which makes us sad.  Sure, extra hugs are always appreciated, but then she starts muttering through the tears about how we need to be really healthy and live forever…??

Please go wish our Aunt G well, and the rest of her pack.  Dudley was their first dog, so this was also their first time having to help their pet across The Bridge. 

Then, Garden Kitty was a cat, but it’s still sad.  Fred (the first, male basset in our pack) just told Mama and Auntie G yesterday that across The Bridge, he kinda’ likes cats…  Anyway, go wish them sympathy too.


6 Responses to “Paws for Prayers”

  1. Nichole Says:

    My brother is still fighting this nasty, nasty thing that Mama calls pyothorax… she says its really hard for Tango to breath and he is not eating (I can’t imagine… must be REALLY sick to not eat). Please keep praying for him….
    Mama’s friends little doggy was hit by a car (and the lady just drove off!) yesterday and is now in surgery to fix his leg…
    The sad news must stop!


  2. gMarie Says:

    Thanks sweetie – that was a lovely post. I’m glad Fred likes cats now. g

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  4. Sue Says:

    Yes, I do think dogs understand death. When Pylon died, Bentley grieved and he looked for her for days before taking over her bed and place on the sofa. It broke my heart to watch him. When he died, we took Lucy with us and she got to see him after the injection. She sniffed him and seemed to understand. She handles it much better. Morgan went with us for both Lucy and Monty and she too seemed to deal with it better then the ones who didn’t get to see them.

    I have a friend who allowed he dog to sniff his master immediately after he died and that dog too, seemed to recognize the change and had an easier time afterward.

  5. Bridget Says:

    Thank you Sissy, for your kindness. It made me cry, but only because it was such s sweet thing to do and say. Take good care of yourself and the rest of your family.

  6. Kathy Says:

    Dear Sissy,
    Your post quieted me for a moment (only a moment). I don’t know much about the Rainbow Bridge but I’ve heard rumblings from the humans here. My human grandparents had 2 loving dogs cross this bridge and I know there was a lot of sadness.
    Give your mama and dadaw extra kisses and perhaps a happy bark or two. Take care of your sister even if she gets on your nerves now and again, she still looks to be like a lot of fun. Go ahead and beg for a treat, it’s bound to bring a smile :).

    shake a paw,
    Mr. B

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