Baby’s Pool

Gretchen here.  Happy Dogs on Thursday!  For obvious reasons, one of my nicknames has always been The Baby.  When I was really little and could slip away from the pack and hide under things, Mama would just ask Sissy, “Where’s The Baby?” and Sis would find me.

It’s been very hot in the woods, which doesn’t slow me down much, but it makes Sissy lazy and boring and it makes Mama and Dadaw slow to let me out as often as I need to go out to patrol the yard.  I mean, there are lizards, bugs, squirrels, deer…

Anyway, they presented me with a baby pool. 

The first day, Dadaw just put some water in it and we kinda’ checked it out. 

Sissy said it was just a big water bowl and we should try to empty it.

Finally yesterday afternoon, Dadaw scooped me up and explained the pool concept to me.  It had rained, so it didn’t look so much like a giant water bowl anymore, but I took a sip anyway, to make Sissy happy.

They were even able to talk Sis into the pool, but she still insisted on trying to drink it dry.

I kinda’ enjoyed cooling my heels.  Mama’s hoping I’ll decide to hop in and out of the pool to stay cool, and I just might!


12 Responses to “Baby’s Pool”

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  2. gMarie Says:

    Well Gretchen my mom told your mom yesterday that Lucy & I used to have a pool. I think it’s a big water bowl too – but I like to chase Lucy through the pool, run around the dirt and then track mud into the house. You should try that game with your mum. Let me know what she thinks, k? My mom doesn’t think it’s a very good game and she gets really mad when I leave muddy footprints on her new carpet – so don’t do that.

    Beauregard James

  3. Sue Says:

    My guys like the pool best when the water is moving. Try trickling the hose in the water and see if it catches her attention.

  4. Nichole Says:

    What a big, brave girl you are Gretchie!

  5. scrabblequeen Says:

    Oh goodie! You got something fun to do outside even when it’s hot. Enjoy. Woofs….Sasha (and Misty)

  6. Natalie Says:

    Good luck!! how cute!! 😉

  7. Marjie Says:

    Those are some adorable pictures! You know Thor is way too big for that!

  8. km Says:

    You’ll have to check out this link. A FB friend shared it, but I didn’t repost. It’s fun…and maybe if they watch it Sis & Gretchen will get the idea. ;0)

  9. Anita Says:

    SNORT! Beau is funny. 🙂 And your girls are cute. Tell Sissy that I think it looks like a huge water bowl too. LOL

  10. Dianne Says:

    Gretchie conquers the giant water bowl!!! Yay Gretchen!!!!

  11. Kathy Says:

    Dear Miss Gretchen,

    My mother is laughing hsyterically. That is a nice water bowl (I must agree with Sissy here). However Gypsy is whispering in my ear that she thinks it is a great swimmin’ hole. Molly said, ‘hrmph’.

    Have fun! And tell Sissy that getting in the water bowl and then running through dirt is a great way to have fun although the humans sure do fuss about it.

    Shake a Paw,
    Mr. B & Co.

  12. Terrie Says:

    How cute! I love that Sissy would did Gretchen when you asked where the baby was 🙂 I hope both Gretchen and Sissy will use their new pool to cool off!

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