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I’m Just a Little…

August 30, 2010

August 2010 002…pink flower, hovering over the birthday girl…

The things I do to humor Mama and to make Gretchie feel special.

Here we are, all duded up for Gretchen’s birthday yesterday.  I just wasn’t in the mood for it, in case you can’t tell.   Mama had been gone too much this weekend, and I wasn’t about to cooperate. 

Dadaw couldn’t find a doggy bakery treat that I could eat, so they found some Banana cupcakes in the human food store.  Mean ol’ Mama made me split one with Gretchen, but it sure was good.   Gretchie also got a new, PANK Nylabone, and I got one of my biscuits.  I stole the bone from her and plopped down on it for a while, just because I could!

August 2010 007

Gretchen here!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I too wish Mama and Dadaw had spent the whole weekend just hanging out with us, but there was still much snuggling, some ball throwing, some “wrasslin'” for Sis… 

I love my new jacket.  It’s “bedazzled”!

August 2010 005

Have a great week!

Clumps of Stuff

August 26, 2010

Sis here.  Funny how important events seem to get clumped together on the calendar.  The week of my birthday is full of stuff to celebrate, and so is this week. 

Sunday would have been Pop‘s 89th birthday.


Pop and me, April 2007

He was my buddy and I still miss him.


Mugsy and me, April 2008

Monday marked two years without Mugsy, my big brother.  I wasn’t built to be an only child, and I missed him terribly… still do.

There are a bunch of human birthdays around here too, and since Mama can’t remember to say so, we wish all of our August friends a very happy birthday.

However, this coming Sunday is a big day for my little sister.   Little Miss Gretchen will be two whole years old!


October 23, 2008

I wasn’t so sure about her when they brought her home, on my birthday-eve, of all days!


Us in Pop's chair, about a year ago

But she grew on me – literally.  She’s a cute little thing, and I do love it when Mama tells me what a wonderful big sister I am…

So happy Dogs on Thursday and everything else!  I’m sure Mama will make us dress up and take lots of photos at some point over the weekend…

Right as Rain

August 19, 2010

June 2010 009Happy Dogs at work on Thursday!  Sis here, coming at you live from Mama’s desk. 

A couple of you have kindly inquired about my health this week.  I’m great – thanks for asking!  I’m still taking my BIG PILL every other day, but I think that’s going to wind down soon.  I’m still eating my rabbit kibble, while Gretchen’s switched to her stinky fish kibble.  Makes her breath smell like the ocean, if you ask me, and Dadaw agrees.


Gretchen at the ocean March 2010

 There’s a pesky fly I have to go chase.  Later!!



Happy Birthday to…

August 18, 2010


Happiest birthday to the bestest auntie in the world.   We asked Queen Diva Jasmine to give you licks and love from us, but we’re not sure she’ll show the proper enthusiasm, being a cat and all…

We apologize for Mama being late with your pressies, but she assures us you’d expect nothing else…

About us

August 12, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Mama wasn’t happy with my original post for today, which explained (yet AGAIN) how neglected we are by these busy humans, so when she found this meme on Charli’s blog, we agreed to participate. 

Mama won’t let us claim the award, but that’s okay because we’ll always have our precious Jazzy Diva Award from our kitty godmother and our favorite Auntie ‘Nita.

Anyway, seven things about us.

July 2010 017I get to go first!!!

Sissy here, of course.  I’m the oldest, so I get to share my list first, right?

(Yes, Sis… you’re the DIVA princess, so you may go first.)


  1. I don’t like this awful heat.  When is the snow coming back?
  2. Diets stink.  I like food, I’m thin as a reed, so I’m still confused about why Mama worries so much about what I eat.
  3. Dadaw has trained me (and Mama) to take Mama my food bowl(s) when I’m really hungry.  If I drop them at her feet, he insists I get more kibble, no expceptions.  It doesn’t ALWAYS work though; the other night, Dadaw himself got up and gave me a FOURTH meal, and then Mama glared at both of us and made me take a nap when I tired for more.
  4. I like to wrassle.  Gretchen says I mean “wrestle” but Mama says I wrassle and I should have been named Elly May Clampett
  5. I love to snuggle, especially with Mama, but I have a hard time going to sleep for the night if Dadaw doesn’t wrassle with me a bit on the bed first.
  6. Peppermints make my world go ’round, but only the hard, disc shaped ones.  I don’t like the puffy ones, or those dinner mint things so much.
  7. Except for tutus, I don’t wear clothes unless I’m REALLY cold.  I do like hats, scarves and shawls though.

June 2010 024

Gretchen here.   Sissy can be rather uptight about who gets to be first, who gets to snuggle Mama, etc.  I don’t get it, but it sure seems important to her, even though she didn’t put THAT on her list.

  1. See how I have my ear flipped back?  Dadaw HATES that.  Mama says it’s my wild-child look, but she says it with a smile.
  2. I guess I don’t worry so much about being first and all that because I can always wiggle my way into wherever I want to be.
  3. Mama picked PANK as my color, but it really is my favorite.  I can pick out PANK toys from the others, and they’re my favorites.
  4. Giving kisses is one of my favorite things EVER.
  5. I’m not always prissy and proper, as some of you seem to think.  I love to chase squirrels, bark at deer, and it’s funny when I hide from Dadaw… until he gets mad.
  6. Cars are evil.  I like to go wherever my pack goes, but I wish we could just walk everywhere.
  7. I do like to play fetch, but I’m not manic about it, except when we’re at work.  I get bored there…

Thanks for reading about us!  Happy little friday.



Doggy Intuition

August 5, 2010

Wow.  We had quite a storm last night.  There was a loud crack and then a “sizzle” sound.  I – Gretchen – ran to guard Mama, but Sis took off to the study to show Dadaw where the problem was.

July 2010 014
Dadaw was looking room to room, but Sis knew where that icky electrical smell was.   Mama says y’all will want to know that it was our modem AND the desk top computer that took the direct hit.  She’s very grumbly, because evidently, the power strip should  have taken the hit.  I heard her tell Dadaw that it must have taken a hit in another storm and they just didn’t notice…

I understand now why some of you don’t like storms.  That “pop” was pretty scary!  I don’t like anything that makes Mama pout, and she’s still pouting and muttering about no internet access at home for DAYS. 

They’re calling for more storms this afternoon.  Might it knock the power back into that modem thingee?