Doggy Intuition

Wow.  We had quite a storm last night.  There was a loud crack and then a “sizzle” sound.  I – Gretchen – ran to guard Mama, but Sis took off to the study to show Dadaw where the problem was.

July 2010 014
Dadaw was looking room to room, but Sis knew where that icky electrical smell was.   Mama says y’all will want to know that it was our modem AND the desk top computer that took the direct hit.  She’s very grumbly, because evidently, the power strip should  have taken the hit.  I heard her tell Dadaw that it must have taken a hit in another storm and they just didn’t notice…

I understand now why some of you don’t like storms.  That “pop” was pretty scary!  I don’t like anything that makes Mama pout, and she’s still pouting and muttering about no internet access at home for DAYS. 

They’re calling for more storms this afternoon.  Might it knock the power back into that modem thingee?


5 Responses to “Doggy Intuition”

  1. Good Zukes! « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Happy Dogs on Thursday to you.  Things are still off-kilter here.  Gretchen mentioned in her post that we have no internet access at home, and I’m not sure when that will be restored.   Our […]

  2. Nichole Says:

    Aww… hate to hear of bad thunderstorms anywhere and especially when lightening strikes the house! =(

  3. Sue Says:

    We lost a modem, two answering machines and our heat pump to a lightening strike. We wound up putting a whole house strike protector on the outside electrical box. When we got hit last year, it just burned out a ground protector, a $3 item.

  4. gMarie Says:

    I’m so happy Sissy’s sniffer was working and she was able to tell Mr. Firefighter where the smoke was coming from. Didn’t I hear she was looking for a job?

    Gretchen – just tell Momma that she’ll need to relax and unplug. She can play with Endora, play with Honey, and play with you girls! ‘nuf said!! g

  5. scrabblequeen Says:

    Heh…Gretchen…you’ve done a great job of sneakily taking over Sissy’s blog. Keep up the good work…hope this email doesn’t catch her attention. Woos…Sasha

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