Right as Rain

June 2010 009Happy Dogs at work on Thursday!  Sis here, coming at you live from Mama’s desk. 

A couple of you have kindly inquired about my health this week.  I’m great – thanks for asking!  I’m still taking my BIG PILL every other day, but I think that’s going to wind down soon.  I’m still eating my rabbit kibble, while Gretchen’s switched to her stinky fish kibble.  Makes her breath smell like the ocean, if you ask me, and Dadaw agrees.


Gretchen at the ocean March 2010

 There’s a pesky fly I have to go chase.  Later!!




10 Responses to “Right as Rain”

  1. Maidens’ Maiden Voyage « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Happy Dogs on Thursday and little friday!  Sis has given a quick, happy status check on their blog, and before I launch into my post, there are two other doggy bloggies you have to see today.  […]

  2. Barbara S. Says:

    I am so glad you got to go to work today! I bet you don’t go inside a lunchbox! (Ask your mom about that story.)

  3. Sue Says:

    Is Sis watching a rabbit in that pic? She’s stretching to see something very important. I was wondering how she’s doing. It sounds like the plan is working.

  4. gMarie Says:

    Sis – you are a doll. I want to know about the lunchbox story now.

    Beau says he loves fish and he’d be happy to kiss Gretchen to make her breath not so stinky – right after he finishes the croissant he stole off Dad’s lunchbox this morning. Hrmp! g

  5. Marjie Says:

    Thor’s glad work is at home, so he doesn’t have to be taken. But if we still lived near our office, he’d go every day. Too bad for the girls that there’s a dog there who outranks them.

  6. Nichole Says:

    Great pics… Zeus says he doesn’t mind fishy breath either.

  7. Robin in VA Says:

    Rudy wishes he could go to work with his Momma! The cat’s breath is enough, I’m glad Rudy’s got sweet breath!

  8. scrabblequeen Says:

    Ha ha….are you gonna call Gretchie “fish breath” now? Glad you’re feeling good. Sasha (and Misty)

  9. Anita Says:

    Jasmine eats stinky fishy food too, it really stinks! LOL
    Hope you got those flies! 🙂

  10. Dianne Says:

    Excellent news! We are all very glad you’re doing so well!

    Emma, Tara and Cooper

    P.S. Maybe give Gretchen one of your peppermints???

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