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Baa Baa DUCK!

September 30, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Just a quick update on the kibble saga that seems unending at our house.  Tuesday, we snatched up a couple of different kibbles for Gretchen to try.  One is another lamb variety, and one is – gasp – DUCK.   The Knight put his foot down and said that we’d just have to be vigilant about keeping Sis out of Gretchen’s food, because it’s very clear Gretchen doesn’t like seafood or fish formulas at all, and we need another plan in case this second attempt at lamb ultimately fails. 

Anything with chicken or corn is out of the question, just because Sissy is SO allergic to those ingredients that we don’t want them in the house.  To our knowledge, Sis has never had duck, so in theory, she can’t be allergic to it on the first stolen kibble taste. 

I did read on a bag of a Wellness Small Breed formula last night that small dogs are notoriously picky eaters.  I’d love your input on that little nugget!

(And no, this bag didn’t come home, because turkey is the first ingredient, and Wondervet is rather certain turkey and chicken are too closely kin for Sis and her allergies…  Shame, because I love the Wellness brand and Gretchen would LOVE the PANK bag!)

Happy little friday!

Pretty in…

September 27, 2010

September 2010 021… pink and purple.

Mama and Auntie ‘Nita went away Saturday morning, but they came back with all kinds of gifts.  Mr. Bettis and his pack even sent us some yummy pumpkin treats!

This is just a glimpse and the pretties Mama got us.  Yu can read more about the festival on her blog, and someone will write more about my new favorite coat later this week!

Puttin’ on the Glitz

September 23, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  It is indeed a little friday here in our corner of the world as a big weekend with lots of fun and friends looms ahead…

 September 2010 006

In honor of Auntie ‘Nita’s visit with an assist from Auntie Ann, the fur-girls are sporting new collar charms that are sure to make Anita feel she didn’t leave the beach so far behind…

September 2010 008Yes, yes, more pet jewelry from Pawsitively Bejeweled!  These were custom orders for Ann by her talented co-worker, with the fur-girls and their OBX side in mind.   Wee Gretchen Greer has a TINY little shell with a PANK accent bead, just right for her OBX dreamin’ days.  (Trust me; we’re all longing for beach time right now.)

September 2010 007Of course, the DIVA, aka: Big Girl, Sissy, etc., can handle a little more bulk in her accessories, so her charm was designed with HER in mind.  Royal DIVA purple, her signature color, and a larger shell make her feel special, even if her photographer can’t capture the perfect shot.  (You can see the beads in the first photo… what more do you want?!)

September 2010 005
Even the other side of these charms is pretty, so no matter which way the charm turns, you get ocean fever.   Thanks Ann, for continuing to spoil these rotten mutts  sweet girls!

Almost Missed It!

September 20, 2010

September 2010 009Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day.   Since Blackbeard reportedly stashed some treasure in the Outer Banks, we’re not unfamiliar with the whole pirate thing, but we don’t have any good pirate costumes.  (I’m sure Mama will be correcting that before next year…)   Of course, sticking to our own fashion rules, I was happy with my little headwrap, but Gretchie was not.  I guess she’d rather have had something with a corset or a ruffled shirt? 

Anyway, hope you had fun talking like a pirate.  Gretch isn’t at all sure pirates ever really talked like that, but I think she’s all caught up in the fact Blackbeard was born in England…

Free Food!

September 19, 2010

We’re not really self-absorbed, although our own food issues do seem to dominate this blog.  Today though, it’s all about Pedigree and their campaign to help homeless dogs.   Honestly we can’t even imagine… but we can help.  For each blogger who posts and links in (instructions HERE), Pedigree will donate one bag of food to a shelter.  Even if you don’t have a dog, please consider taking a moment and sharing your blog for the greater good.  Please and thank you…

Mary can keep her little lamb…

September 16, 2010

Gretchen here.  Bless her heart…  Mama’s trying to find me my very own kibble, and I must admit, I do get caught up in the excitement of trying something new.

September 2010 010

Me and silly Sissy

Oh!  Where are my manners?!  Happy dogs on Thursday and little friday to you.  Why yes, Sis and I do celebrate little friday, because we relish having our humans home with us on the weekends.

Anyway, back to my food…  Despite my Irish heritage, I just don’t care for seafood, and now it seems I’m not much on lamb either.  The lamb kibble is tasty enough, but if you must know, it gives me gas.  (Pardon me… that’s so indiscrete, but Mama said I must be brutally candid.)  I’ve never really had a “wind” problem before, and frankly, it’s so upsetting that I just can’t enjoy the food.

Next up is California Natural, at Wondervet’s suggestion.    I see they have several fish and lamb options, so I’m sure Mama is going to try those, because chicken meal is very toxic to Sissy.  Wish me luck!

Leaf It!

September 9, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday already!  Don’t you love a four-day work week?

This post is brought to you by the command “Leave it!” which happens to be one of Sissy’s best performances.  She’ll at least pick her nose up and look up, without fail…

There’s been a doggy, barfy epidemic in our circle of friends.  Elwood is a city boy.  Abby is the neighbor gal who took basic obedience class with Sis.  And then there’s our own Gretchen Greer…

Seems odd that three dogs who haven’t seen each other lately all had the same symptoms within 72 hours of each other, doesn’t it?

September 2010 008That’s the culprit… the acorn.  There’s a bit of variation in the opinions, but acorns aren’t good for most domestic animals.  The ASPCA says:

Acorns (Quercus spp.) contain a toxic principle called Gallotannin. In cows and horses who repeatedly ingest significant amounts, we have seen potentially severe gastrointestinal irritation, depression and kidney damage. 

Dogs, however, generally do not forage on acorns as livestock do—and even if they do ingest several acorns, it is usually an acute (single) exposure, not a chronic situation. In these cases, we typically only see mild to moderate gastrointestinal upset, which can include vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. However, there is also the potential for mechanical irritation (from the sharp fragmented pieces of acorn), and possible obstruction, should a large amount of acorn material become lodged in the GI tract.

September 2010 007

No more of this!!

Got that GG, Elwood, Abby, Sissy and any other pooches crunching on acorns? 

Now the random thunk of acorns dropping on our deck, outbuildings and such is punctuated by “Leave it!”  in the Woods…

We now return you to the happier signs of the approaching fall season.

Food Wars

September 2, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday to you!   Just thought I’d give a little update on Sis’s health and Gretchen’s quest for the right food.

August 2010 019

Sis.  All is well, so well that despite it being fall allergy season – which in this region, is often more problematic for dogs than the spring – we’re going to step her Atopica down to once every third day, for about 45 days.  If that goes well, she’ll be pill-free, and then, if we can maintain there for a while, we can once again think about trying to re-introduce some animal proteins back into her diet.  MAYBE.  Prayers, good vibes, crossed paws and fingers are all appreciated.  Sis will be three next month and our food struggles have covered almost her entire life.

August 2010 021

Gretchen Greer is on the lookout for the right food for her too.  Just so y’all know…  If you have to hand-feed a dog who isn’t sick, she doesn’t like her food.  Hem.  I thought it was perhaps her one vanity.  Wondervet just sighed and ordered me to switch Gretch to another kibble.  So, fish breath will soon be a thing of the past.  We’re now trying Wellness Simple Food Solutions, Rice and Lamb, because as you know, I’d prefer it be a kibble that if Sis gets a mouthful of, we won’t have a full-blown allergy situation.

Wondervet must not be optimistic, because she suggested that if Gretch doesn’t love that, we should try California Natural.  They also have a grain-free lamb formula, which would be my first choice – only choice? 

Just to refresh memories, Sis is allergic to:

  • chicken
  • corn
  • beef
  • assumed – venison, pork and gluten

Gretchen doesn’t seem to like fish/seafood, so my goal of once again having them on the same kibble seems to be fading fast.   Be honest…  is that a pipe dream?