Food Wars

Happy Dogs on Thursday to you!   Just thought I’d give a little update on Sis’s health and Gretchen’s quest for the right food.

August 2010 019

Sis.  All is well, so well that despite it being fall allergy season – which in this region, is often more problematic for dogs than the spring – we’re going to step her Atopica down to once every third day, for about 45 days.  If that goes well, she’ll be pill-free, and then, if we can maintain there for a while, we can once again think about trying to re-introduce some animal proteins back into her diet.  MAYBE.  Prayers, good vibes, crossed paws and fingers are all appreciated.  Sis will be three next month and our food struggles have covered almost her entire life.

August 2010 021

Gretchen Greer is on the lookout for the right food for her too.  Just so y’all know…  If you have to hand-feed a dog who isn’t sick, she doesn’t like her food.  Hem.  I thought it was perhaps her one vanity.  Wondervet just sighed and ordered me to switch Gretch to another kibble.  So, fish breath will soon be a thing of the past.  We’re now trying Wellness Simple Food Solutions, Rice and Lamb, because as you know, I’d prefer it be a kibble that if Sis gets a mouthful of, we won’t have a full-blown allergy situation.

Wondervet must not be optimistic, because she suggested that if Gretch doesn’t love that, we should try California Natural.  They also have a grain-free lamb formula, which would be my first choice – only choice? 

Just to refresh memories, Sis is allergic to:

  • chicken
  • corn
  • beef
  • assumed – venison, pork and gluten

Gretchen doesn’t seem to like fish/seafood, so my goal of once again having them on the same kibble seems to be fading fast.   Be honest…  is that a pipe dream?

11 Responses to “Food Wars”

  1. Bejeweled! « Chan Knits Says:

    […] – and I would be remiss if I didn’t link to the post on the girls’ blog.  Our never-ending food search continues… Published […]

  2. Natalie Says:

    Ugh! I know how you feel. We did this search a while ago for Abby and it was not fun!

  3. gMarie Says:

    No I don’t think you are dreaming. Have you tried the Blue Salmon and sweet potato? Or maybe it’s salmon and rice and lamb and sweet potato. I can’t honestly tell you, however, if it has any “hot spots” for Sis, because I’ve never read the label that closes – we only tried to avoid corn.

    Also – I think Avoderm has a food they could both eat – maybe, some day . . . .

    Gretchen won’t eat the gold dust? g

  4. Mary Says:

    Not much help in the food department. My brood doesn’t appear to be allergic to any food and will consume virtually anything, anytime.

    OTH, Abbygirl is on high-powered antibiotics and pain killers because she got an infection in the bone of one toe, on her left front paw. Not pretty. Swelling down some and the vet doesn’t think it is cancer, but if it doesn’t clear up, she might have to take off the toe. Cross paws that it doesn’t come to that.

  5. Susan Says:

    Oh, the joys of trying to feed dogs different foods!!! With one “old lady” on diet senior food, and one “young whipper, snapper” on high cal puppy food, it is an on-going battle. I feel like if I would put the wrong food in the wrong bowl they would be more likely to get what they are supposed to have!!!! 😉

  6. Nichole Says:

    We’re taking Tut to Aunti Tanya for a medicated bath this weekend… his seasonal skin allergies are flaring BAD. Sigh……
    You might want to have wondervet look into Timberwolf as well… that was just recommended to us if we opt to switch Tut to a different kibble for allergy reasons.

  7. Sue Says:

    It’s a never ending battle trying to match the right food to each dog. Fortunately, we don’t have any food allergies.

  8. scrabblequeen Says:

    So, if Lamb is good, and grains are ok, why not a Lamb and Rice kibble? If there is something more I need to know, do tell!

  9. Bubblesknits Says:

    Poor Sissy. My fall allergies get me every year, too. ((hugs)) Maybe it won’t be so hard on either of us this year.

  10. KnittingitOut Says:

    We feed Cal Natural Herring and Sweet Potato and have for 2 years without event (phew). It’s so hard to find the right food, some of the foods have added stuff like flax seeds which Gracie can’t have.

    Atopica is the same as Cyclosporine which Gracie takes (100 mg twice a day). Glad to hear you might be able to go pill free, at least for a while.

  11. StarSpry Says:

    I’m glad Sissy seems better with her allergies right now! I’m sorry you’re still on a quest for the right food. Fingers and paws crossed that you’ll find something that works; good luck!!

    We’re in the middle of searching for new food for Charlie. She’s been doing better ever since we’ve started her on grain-free food. Unfortunately she is a picky eater and only like something for a few months and then she’ll stop eating it 😦 We tried something new this weekend that she like, so here’s hoping it will last!

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