Baa Baa DUCK!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Just a quick update on the kibble saga that seems unending at our house.  Tuesday, we snatched up a couple of different kibbles for Gretchen to try.  One is another lamb variety, and one is – gasp – DUCK.   The Knight put his foot down and said that we’d just have to be vigilant about keeping Sis out of Gretchen’s food, because it’s very clear Gretchen doesn’t like seafood or fish formulas at all, and we need another plan in case this second attempt at lamb ultimately fails. 

Anything with chicken or corn is out of the question, just because Sissy is SO allergic to those ingredients that we don’t want them in the house.  To our knowledge, Sis has never had duck, so in theory, she can’t be allergic to it on the first stolen kibble taste. 

I did read on a bag of a Wellness Small Breed formula last night that small dogs are notoriously picky eaters.  I’d love your input on that little nugget!

(And no, this bag didn’t come home, because turkey is the first ingredient, and Wondervet is rather certain turkey and chicken are too closely kin for Sis and her allergies…  Shame, because I love the Wellness brand and Gretchen would LOVE the PANK bag!)

Happy little friday!

6 Responses to “Baa Baa DUCK!”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Good luck on the continued quest!

  2. Gretchen has a little lamb… « Chan Knits Says:

    […] also get in trouble if I failed to link to the girls’ blog.  It’s just a quick update on Gretchen’s food quest, but I do need some input from small dog owners… Published […]

  3. Sue Says:

    My little Lucy would at anything that wasn’t nailed down, but she started out as a starving pup and I don’t think they ever get over that.

    I just found out that Wellness is being sold locally so it’s a possibility for us in the future. Good luck with the duck.

  4. Terrie Says:

    Good luck with the duck! I hope things get eaiser in this food quest!!

  5. Monica (aka monnibo) Says:

    Henry is a big fan of the Wellness brand. He likes the wet food in the turkey flavour. I’m not sure if you guys have a brand called GO (and NOW for under-1-years and weight management)… but I like it because for cats there is no grain filler. Although dogs are more omnivores and need the grain… but so many of the cat foods are all filler. Henry started on the chicken, fruit & veg and now he’s on the duck, fruit, and veg.

  6. Monica (aka monnibo) Says:

    Okay that last link was crap. Here’s a better one. And they have a new Duck formula for Dogs.

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