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Red, red eyes…

October 30, 2010

I don’t have a photo for you, but Sissy and I made a quick trip to see Wondervet this morning.  The past two nights, girlfriend’s eyes – particularly the right one – have been cherry red.  2-3 children’s chewable benadryls and she’d settle down and sleep, and in the mornings, she’s bright-eyed, but that right eye in particular was troubling.

October 2010 007

Sis on Thursday, before the red-eye set in

We came home with a steroid ointment and some human wetting drops.   I’m typing with the patient’s head on my hip, so she’s resting comfortably.   Wondervet did a stain and saw no scratches on the eyes themselves, so we’re guessing it’s allergic in nature.  Could be bacterial, but the steroids will take care of that too.

The good news is that the other end of the same dog, which has been problematic just about her whole life, seems to FINALLY be in a very good, healthy state.  It’s been a long haul, and as Wondervet predicted, we’re so happy to be “here” that we have zero interest in trying to re-introduce other proteins at this time.  Some day… maybe…

Huggle Hounds!

October 29, 2010

Hey-ho!  Sissy here.  We are some really lucky duckies – er, doggies.  We have more fairy dogmothers than Cinderella auditions at Disneyland.  Yesterday, another package arrive with OUR NAMES!!! on it!

October 2010 001

We won the smaller HuggleHounds prize in Auntie Nichole’s contest.   Because we’re so cute and sweet and she’s so thoughtful, she also included some extra goodies to honor my birthday and Gretchen’s gotcha’ day last weekend.   So far, Mama’s only given us some of the banana fruitables, but we’re not really complaining… not yet anyway!

October 2010 005

Don’t let that look on Gretch’s face worry you!  She knows I’d never hurt her, but she works that scaredy-cat thing…   Mama finally remembered to switch her fancy camera to the sports setting, and it still wasn’t fast enough to capture me not-blurry!  I’m really fast, you know?!October 2010 003

See?  There for a second, Gretch was making a break for it with our new toy.  We sure do love it!  Mama has been trying to get me to play tug-tug with Gretch for two full years, but I’ve always been too worried about hurting the little gal to do it, but this  HuggleHound Lion is worth it!

October 2010 008See?  We’re both gentle eaters, from Mama’s hand anyway.  If you look REALLY closely, you can see Gretch’s tongue and the edge of the Fruitable!  (Even Mama’s camera wasn’t fast enough to catch me snarfing down my yum!)

Thanks Auntie Nic and the rest of your pack for our new favorite toy and treats!

Which Witch?

October 28, 2010

Happy Dogs on Thursday, little friday and nearly Howloween!   I confess that I’ve been running ragged the last couple of weeks, and I forgot to send the girls’ costume photos around.  Mea culpa.

October 2010 028

THAT is my new favorite photo of the fur-girls.  Their expressions are so sweet… and Gretchen really can be that demure.

October 2010 022

Gretchen actually had a costume.  When I saw the little pink cheerleader dress, it had her name written all over it! 

October 2010 024

I don’t capture it in photos well, but she really is a bouncy, perky, cheerleader type of gal.  Here she is in mid-bounce… I just missed her tossing her dress into the air!

October 2010 016

I had fun putting different “headbands” on Sis.  She really is a good sport as long as I don’t ask her to wear a COSTUME.  Ironically, Gretchen is okay with ANYTHING that doesn’t go on her head or feet, but she tried to humor me – just not very much.  (I couldn’t help myself… the witch hat was on a VERY small headband… it’s very rare that something actually fits Gretchie’s wee noggin’…)

October 2010 019

I wanted to save the pirate hat photo for next year’s talk like a pirate day, but I can’t help myself!  I’ll just have to find an eye patch to add to Sis’s look and a little lady pirate dress for Gretchen…

Anyone else dressing up for Howloween?

Baby Bag!

October 26, 2010

Gretchen here!   I just have to post right away to thank Auntie G for my very own bag!  I was very bold and just stated that I simply had to have it… and she sent it to me.  Mama says that’s a very bad thing because I already think being cute makes everything okay – is that a bad thing? – but I really do love my bag, and Mama said she was going to make it up to Auntie G…

October 2010 024

That’s the part of the fabric that made me just HAVE to have this bag.  Isn’t it cute?!   Can’t you just see Sissy dressed up like that?  (The background is really more of a purple.)

October 2010 021I tried just wearing my new bag, but it’s a little big for that.  Instead, I’ll just have to let Mama use it I suppose…  And no, Sissy can’t wear it.  Her head’s too big, and she has that slimy mouth.  Mama says the bag is machine wash/dry, but I’d really rather not have Sissy slobber all over it and/or drag it through the yard!

If we were going trick or treating, I could have Mama carry it for all of our treats, right?  Maybe she’ll carry it on Halloween as a handbag.  Wouldn’t that be cute?

Thanks again, Auntie G!

Celebrate, celebrate!

October 25, 2010

Happy everything!  Here’s a quick look at the girls in their birthday hats yesterday, for Sissy’s third birthday.


This dog cracks me up.  She’s so expressive!  This photo screams for a caption contest, but I don’t see it happening, so feel free to entertain me in the comments.


Gretchen doesn’t like headwear, remember?  Plus, her noggin’ is quite tiny, so it’s always a challenge to find a way to get her to wear something…  Ironically, Sis was much more tolerant of her crown when it was too big!


The Knight wasn’t home for the first round of birthday hat photos, so he found these from Gretchen’s first birthday and tried to get the girls to pose for him.  Clearly, I’m kneeling at what should have been the girls’ eye level, but they were focused on their standing Dadaw!  And yes, that’s a healthy layer of dust around Sis’s hat; you can see that I store them with Gretchen’s wee hat on top.

The girls also want to wish Tut and the Portie siblings happy birthdays this week!  Are you celebrating anything in particular?

Pink Me!

October 21, 2010

July 2010 014Oooh, it’s an exciting time in our neck of the woods!  We tried on our Halloween costumes yesterday, and Friday is our Auntie G’s birthday, and then Saturday is my gotcha’ day anniversary, and Sunday is Sissy’s third birthday and Miss Marjie‘s birthday, and Monday is Mama & Dadaw’s anniversary, as well as Mr. Jaybird’s (G’s hubby) birthday…

Whew.  I hope I got those right.  Mama won’t let me have my own date book, so I had to try to remember it all from her calendar.  I think she’s afraid Sissy would eat my date book, which I suppose is a possibility.

Courtesy of Pampered Chef

In honor of all of that, and because we’re all thinking pink this month anyway, Mama’s having a contest.  If the pink dot mug was a little shallower, I’d like one for a food bowl.  Good luck, everyone!

Thanks too for the shout-out on Dogs on Thursday.   Don’t forget to send in those doggy costume photos!  I’m going to remind Mama every few minutes until she sends ours in…

Under the wire!

October 15, 2010

With Mama’s hectic schedule, we very nearly missed a very important celebration!


Sissy at the vet earlier this year

National Vet Tech Appreciation Week runs through this weekend.  Different websites suggest different dates depending on whether your week starts on Sunday or Monday.

We love our vet techs.  They’re always patient and kind, even when Sissy sits on the part they’re trying to work on.  (Think taking a temperature…)  We’d love to go give them all licks and love ourselves, but Mama says that just isn’t in the cards this year.

Don’t forget to thank your own vet techs.  I think we’ll send them cards and get Mama to bake them some noms…

IMG00019-20101015-0848.jpgPS – This is what we’re doing today…  Prissing it up in the office, as Uncle put it…

Have a great weekend!  We have some pretty new dresses, so I don’t see why we can’t go to the wedding too.  I’d be really good, and Sissy…  Oh.  Wait.  I suppose I do understand…

Thankee Note…

October 14, 2010

… to a stranger.

September 2010 019Last weekend, we were in another town doing some shopping in their PetsMart.  Gretchen has settled on a food, and while I’m not happy with it, she and her Dadaw are, so…  At any rate, for the Knight to grab the larger bag, a nice couple who was doing our former routine of reading ingredients and rejecting formula after formula, had to step aside.  The Knight said “Excuse me,” and we headed for the register.  One aisle over and at the other end of the store, the lady of the couple tapped me on the shoulder and asked if we were buying ____  (why no, I don’t even know the brand name, but I know it is salmon, sweet potato and pumpkin, and my lil punkin loves it), and thrust a $5 off coupon in my hand.

I thanked her as she walked away, and I’m thanking her again here.  She didn’t know me from Eve, but her kindness is appreciated.  Happy little friday, Dogs on Thursday, and definitely, thankful Thursday.  Kindess from strangers makes the world a better place.

Most Wonderful…

October 7, 2010

… time of the year!

October 2010 005Sissy here.  Isn’t October the greatest?!  Mama’s come home two weekends in a row with that crocheted bag loaded with stuff that …  Well, despite all the sniffing, I can’t identify the smells, but it’s fun to try.    Not that Mama lets me REALLY get into there to give it my best whiff…

Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Gretchen here.  Me?  I love that almost every time Mama comes home, she has a new outfit for me.   She already has our Halloween costumes and new frocks for Sissy’s birthday, not that she’s done more than show them to me.  I can’t wait to try them on and show them off!

DSC01169Oh.  Wait.  We’re supposed to be thinking PANK.  Aside from my Gotcha’ day, Sissy’s birthday, Mama & Dadaw’s anniversary and countless birthdays, October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Doggies can get this kind of cancer too, but really we want the humans to be aware and take care!


Sis looks pretty in pink too – and in a dress!

Anyway, you get the point.  October’s a very busy month here in the Woods, but we’re never too busy to promote one of Mama’s worthy causes. 

September 2010 020

Don’t forget pumpkins too.  Who doesn’t love pumpkin?  Right now, my (Gretchen) kibble even has pumpkin in it.  Almost all of the treats on the treat table have pumpkin in them.   What’s your favorite pumpkin yummy?