Huggle Hounds!

Hey-ho!  Sissy here.  We are some really lucky duckies – er, doggies.  We have more fairy dogmothers than Cinderella auditions at Disneyland.  Yesterday, another package arrive with OUR NAMES!!! on it!

October 2010 001

We won the smaller HuggleHounds prize in Auntie Nichole’s contest.   Because we’re so cute and sweet and she’s so thoughtful, she also included some extra goodies to honor my birthday and Gretchen’s gotcha’ day last weekend.   So far, Mama’s only given us some of the banana fruitables, but we’re not really complaining… not yet anyway!

October 2010 005

Don’t let that look on Gretch’s face worry you!  She knows I’d never hurt her, but she works that scaredy-cat thing…   Mama finally remembered to switch her fancy camera to the sports setting, and it still wasn’t fast enough to capture me not-blurry!  I’m really fast, you know?!October 2010 003

See?  There for a second, Gretch was making a break for it with our new toy.  We sure do love it!  Mama has been trying to get me to play tug-tug with Gretch for two full years, but I’ve always been too worried about hurting the little gal to do it, but this  HuggleHound Lion is worth it!

October 2010 008See?  We’re both gentle eaters, from Mama’s hand anyway.  If you look REALLY closely, you can see Gretch’s tongue and the edge of the Fruitable!  (Even Mama’s camera wasn’t fast enough to catch me snarfing down my yum!)

Thanks Auntie Nic and the rest of your pack for our new favorite toy and treats!


7 Responses to “Huggle Hounds!”

  1. Treats All Around! « Chan Knits Says:

    […] week here in the Woods, so the boxes of kindness have been truly appreciated.  Sissy even managed to post about a package just for the […]

  2. Sue Says:

    I like the action shots of Sissy. Does Gretchen hang onto the toy or does she surrender to Big Sis? My guys love Fruitables and they make me feel virtuous.

  3. gMarie Says:

    Oh I wanted to win that toy so bad! I’m glad your girls love it! Gretch really is working the scardy dog angle isn’t she?

    Sissy zooming around is fabulous. g

  4. scrabblequeen Says:

    Nice haul! Our momma got us ‘Fruitables at the fancy new pet store downtown. I don’t know why she was so surpised we liked them.

    Woofs. Sasha and Misty

  5. Marjie Says:

    They’re really cute playing with the huggle hound. Thor loved the fruitables, too, but you know how small they looked in his giant jowls! Those are funny pictures of the girls. Gretchen is good at putting on the pitiful face.

  6. Terrie Says:

    What a great package! I love those action shots 🙂

  7. Nichole Says:

    Yay… so happy to see the girls playing tuggy with the HH Lion! LOVE the pics…. and so glad they like Fruitables… but we knew they would, right? Hope they’ve gotten to enjoy some of the Birthday Bone by now! 🙂

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