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We’re Thankful!

November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Dogs on Thursday! 

 November 2010 012

Sissy’s eyes looked a lot like that last night.  Here, she’s squinting, but last night, she had another raging case of allergy eyes.  It’s frightening, actually…  Hounds have a very pronounced third eyelid, and that film creeps up so her whole eye is cloudy, and yet red, all at the same time.   She’s miserable when that happens, so after a couple of doses of benadryl and that eye ointment she hates until it starts to work, she took turns letting the humans hold her and talk sweet to her.

This morning, she’s bright-eyed, or was.  It seems the Macy’s parade bores her, and she’s gone to sleep.

Wait…  Gretchen is standing on Sis’s head and my lap… 

November 2010 067Gretchen here!  I wanted to wish everyone in the States a very happy Thanksgiving.  We’re really, really blessed to have it made with our Mama and Dadaw.  Sissy should wake up and share her thanks too, because she definitely landed in the right home.  Dadaw even has a friend rabbit hunting this weekend, and has secured some of the only meat Sissy’s supposed to eat for her.  Mama’s never fixed rabbit, so anyone with experience, tell her what to do!! 

November 2010 066Yawn…  Sissy here – Gretchen, GET OFF OF ME! – sorry… she’s stretched out across my back like I’m furniture. 

Anyway, I am really happy to be here, with my head in Mama’s lap while she types for us.  But since I’m awake, how ’bout some of that toasted pumpkin bread, huh?  Anybody else want some?  I think Mama has some spiced chai to share too…  Gretchen, why don’t you GET OFF ME and go take orders?

Vote for Fred!

November 22, 2010
Beauty Boy 2

Our Fred the hound... miss you Hooey!

We’re suckers for a hound named Fred.  Our new friends at Hound Girl need your help!  You can follow that link to their post, or go HERE to vote for Fred – no registration required, and you’ll know him when you see him – he’s the only handsome hound in the bunch!

Right now, he’s in second place to a cat… not that there’s anything wrong with cats…


November 18, 2010

September 2010 019Gretchen here!  Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Mama asked me to talk to you about cool weather and coats – both the furry, attached kind and the fun, fabric kind!   We’re now down around freezing most nights, so some little dogs like me want a coat if we’re going to be out any time at all when it’s cold.  Mama says I have a thicker, natural coat than Mugsy did, but still, I only have so much blood to circulate, to try to keep me warm!

DSC01142While I love clothes, doggies don’t NEED a jacket or a sweater just because their humans do.  We have these fur coats, and for a lot of dogs, that’s all they need or want.  Bigger, double-coated dogs like Sissy only need coats in the most severe weather.  Sis usually won’t even let Mama put a cowl on her unless it is in the teens or snowing, but she does have a heavy winter coat, which she’ll actually ask for in awful weather, including pouring rain in any temperature!


Both girls in their heaviest coats

Mama and I have also discovered that as the cool weather settles in, I adjust.  At first, anything below about 45 degrees and I won’t go out without a sweater.  Then, as the highs get lower and the lows get colder still, my fur coat thickens, and I’m content to make really quick trips out without a sweater at lower and lower temperatures.

Dadaw doesn’t wear coats much at all.  Crazy man!   How ’bout you?  Do you and/or your humans seem to feel the cold more or less than others?

Stuck Like Glue

November 11, 2010

July 2009, but a very regular sight

Happy Dogs on Thursday and little friday!  Gretchen here…  Sissy and I were going to write this one together, but she’s wandered off, probably trying to raid the kitchen again… 

gMarie and Mama had a chat earlier this week about the soundtracks of their lives.   Sissy and I love music too, especially when Mama or Dadaw sings to us!

Sissy’s iPod would definitely have these songs on it:

Sugarland’s Stuck Like Glue – because girlfriend IS happiest when she’s stuck like glue to Dadaw, Mama or me.  (Or any of her special people…) 

Gretchen Wilson’s Redneck Woman – because well… do you REALLY have to ask? 

August 2010 008Uncle Kracker’s Smile – because Mama sings this song to both of us all the time.

My playlist would be similar, because like most little sisters, Sis has really shaped my musical tastes, but while Sissy and Dadaw like Gretchen Wilson’s “rather drink beer … than sweet champagne”, I’m more like Mama; we just like bubbles and a pretty fluted glass! 

Here’s what I’d put on my iPod, if Mama or Santa would give me one:

Gretchen Wilson’s Here For the Party – because that’s the song that made Dadaw realize my name was supposed to be Gretchen, and they say I do make my own party.

Bon Jovi’s Who Says You Can’t Go Home – because there isn’t anyplace like home.   (Note:  Mama loves the duet version with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland best, but turns either version up and sings along.)

Camelot, from the musical – because really… why does it have to rain during waking hours?

May 2010 009The entire soundtrack – both volumes – to Dirty Dancing – because no one puts Baby in the corner.  Really.  Dadaw always scoops me up and points his finger at Mama and Sissy when it gets to that part of the movie.  I strive to live up to their high opinion of me!

Do your dogs respond to music? 

Do you sing to them?

Do certain songs seem to fit your dog(s)?

Are our humans just silly?

Good Eats!

November 4, 2010

(Mama here – my apologies to the Food Network and Alton Brown.)

November 2010 001

Pumpkin Pear Ginger Treats

The fur-girls, Sis in particular, are in love.  Monday night, I did a little fundraising shopping (explained on my blog), and I was truly delighted to find Planet Dog‘s new treats in my friend’s Blue Ridge Eco Shop.   Pumpkin Pear Ginger… doesn’t that sound like some gourmet dessert ingredient list?  The fur-girls sure think it’s something awesome.  They get treats for everything, but at the moment, these are the treats that make Sis squeak, spin and shiver in anticipation!  I’d wanted to try them when they were first announced, but it’s hard to justify shipping costs that basically double the cost of a product.  Luckily, the Eco Shop has solved that problem for me.  Thanks, Paige!! 

They also carry a nice selection of other Planet Dog toys, collars, etc.  I’ll confess here, so I don’t have to do it on my blog, that I’d never been in Paige’s store, because while I try to think about my carbon footprint, we don’t live GREEN, so I didn’t think there was much in there for me.  Wrong!  Healthy planet living happens across the board, as Planet Dog should have already taught me.

November 2010 001

There are my darling goofballs, dancing and diving for more PD PPG noms!  I finally captured Gretchen’s bouncy, bubbly personality in a photo!!

Happy Dogs on Thursday to you.  Where have you been pleasantly surprised to find great dog/pet products?