September 2010 019Gretchen here!  Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Mama asked me to talk to you about cool weather and coats – both the furry, attached kind and the fun, fabric kind!   We’re now down around freezing most nights, so some little dogs like me want a coat if we’re going to be out any time at all when it’s cold.  Mama says I have a thicker, natural coat than Mugsy did, but still, I only have so much blood to circulate, to try to keep me warm!

DSC01142While I love clothes, doggies don’t NEED a jacket or a sweater just because their humans do.  We have these fur coats, and for a lot of dogs, that’s all they need or want.  Bigger, double-coated dogs like Sissy only need coats in the most severe weather.  Sis usually won’t even let Mama put a cowl on her unless it is in the teens or snowing, but she does have a heavy winter coat, which she’ll actually ask for in awful weather, including pouring rain in any temperature!


Both girls in their heaviest coats

Mama and I have also discovered that as the cool weather settles in, I adjust.  At first, anything below about 45 degrees and I won’t go out without a sweater.  Then, as the highs get lower and the lows get colder still, my fur coat thickens, and I’m content to make really quick trips out without a sweater at lower and lower temperatures.

Dadaw doesn’t wear coats much at all.  Crazy man!   How ’bout you?  Do you and/or your humans seem to feel the cold more or less than others?


6 Responses to “Adjusting”

  1. Step 1 « Chan Knits Says:

    […] Dogs on Thursday, little friday and Thankful Thursday!  Gretchen blogged a bit about coats over on their blog, but I have a kinda’ dog related post of my own.  McCall's pattern […]

  2. kn1tty cat Says:

    I love the pic of Gretchen in her pink coat!!

  3. Nichole Says:

    I’m always cold, so I know you feel Gretchie!
    The Lapdogs all have coats after we’ve had a couple of several-day-long (one nearly 2 weeks!) power outages up here, but they only wear them in those desperate times when we have NO heat in the house… other than that, they pretty much are snow dogs at heart!

  4. Sue Says:

    Little Lucy needed a sweater in cold weather. I think little dogs do. The Water Dogs are single coated but don’t mind the cold. Samba wears a jacket in very cold weather because she’s been sick. Morgan has a double coat, but she minds the cold so she has a sweater that she sometimes wants to sleep in. Tsar, of course, loves snow and ice and wants to lie in it.

    All mine like to nest in an old quilt or blanket.

  5. Kari Says:

    They look adorable in their coats!! We dont put coats on the dogs here in Texas but I have thought about it cause they look so cute 🙂

    Please stop by and enter into the holiday pet hop giveaway – my giveaway started today


  6. scrabblequeen Says:

    Us grrils don’t wear coats or sweaters at all, unless you count the ones we wear all the time! On the other hand, we live in “sunny” CA, so maybe we just don’t know what real cold is? On the other hand….we like to sleep under the covers at night…sometimes even in the summer!

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