Vote for Fred!

Beauty Boy 2

Our Fred the hound... miss you Hooey!

We’re suckers for a hound named Fred.  Our new friends at Hound Girl need your help!  You can follow that link to their post, or go HERE to vote for Fred – no registration required, and you’ll know him when you see him – he’s the only handsome hound in the bunch!

Right now, he’s in second place to a cat… not that there’s anything wrong with cats…


8 Responses to “Vote for Fred!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Got to get that CAT out of first place!!!! You know dogs rule and cats drool!!! 😉

  2. Not for Gg… « Chan Knits Says:

    […] for Gg… Before I launch into my finished object report, please visit the fur-girls’ blog.  They’re stumping for a new friend who is currently second place in a […]

  3. Sue Says:

    We’ll go right over. Ant dog named Fred gets our vote.

  4. km Says:

    Voted. Those cats weren’t even exceptionally cute. Not like mine.

  5. gMarie Says:

    I voted for Fred – he is very handsome indeed! g

  6. Karen Says:

    How could I not vote for Fred?

  7. Nichole Says:

    Fred is a great hound…

  8. Bubblesknits Says:

    Even though I’m a cat girl, I had to vote for Fred. He’s a very handsome boy!

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