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PANK Cheer

December 30, 2010

Gretchen here!  Happy Dogs on Thursday and very Thankful Thursday!  Mama hasn’t had a chance to take photos of all of our awesome pressies (okay… none, save this one photo featured today), but maybe this weekend?  In the meantime, I wanted to thank Gramma for my pretty new vest, just in time for the snow.

December 2010 007

That IS a water spot on the back... it's all the same color except the fur!

I’m also really glad Sissy’s feeling like herself again.  It was big fun, having her chase me all around our pen last night, hearing her bark and be silly.  It made Mama and Dadaw very happy too.  Of course, I like all the extra treats we both get with all this medicine stuff, but as Mama says, seeing Sissy’s beautiful eyeballs again is THE BEST!

We truly do appreciate all of our toys and yummies.  Please don’t let Mama’s inability to get photos imply any lack of gratitude.  She’s been a little busy, and the camera seems to be about my size, so I can’t help…

We hope 2010 was a good year for you, but either way, we wish you a 2011 full of peace, love and joy.

Eyes Wide Open

December 29, 2010

Thanks to all for the good wishes and support.  Sis responded immediately to the drops, and her left eye is again open and has some vision.  We’ll go back to the vet next week for a more thorough evaluation. 

May 2010 008

Taken 12-17, ten days before the diagnosis, a week before she temporarily lost vision

Her left eye is sometimes cloudier than others, but it’s still so early, and the Uveitis isn’t completely gone, so we’re trying not to jump the gun on what the rest of her life will look like.  

Her lab work was normal, so we’ve elected to chalk the cause of the glaucoma up to bad genes (bassets, Jack Russells and many other breeds are predisposed to the condition).  We could do more tests, but we’ve opted to focus on management, because the treatment won’t change regardless of the cause. 

She’s acting more like Sissy again, and that does all of our hearts good.

More meds for Sissy

December 27, 2010

Today, Sissy and I met Supervet.  You see, Wondervet is off right now, and Sissy needed to be seen about her eyes again. 

December 2010 010

That was the best her eye looked all long weekend, and that was with eye ointment, drops and lots and lots of benadryl. 

Turns out she has Uveitis.  Luckily, Supervet got a wild hair and decided to test each eye’s pressure too.  Sis also has glaucoma… in both eyes.  Her right eye is right on the line of the pressure for diagnosis, but the left eye is a cause for very real concern.  She’s already had her first round of drops for both issues, and a pain pill. 

At this point, Supervet is very optimistic that we caught it fast enough that vision will be restored to that left eye, and more importantly (in this human’s opinion), we can almost assure that the right eye won’t get any worse. 

Why yes, she is very young, but at 3, she’s at the window for it to appear, so here we are.  Thank goodness for awesome vets!!

Somebody Snitched on Me

December 23, 2010

November 2010 010

aka:  Sugarland’s Nuttin’ for Christmas 

aka:  Sissy’s Christmas song 

You can find the real words and tune at the above link, but here’s Sissy’s version:

I stuck my head in Mama’s bag

Somebody snitched on me

I slimed a box an’  gift tag

Somebody snitched on me

I drooled a river on the rug

I made Gretchen lick a bug

Dadaw tripped in the hole I dug

Somebody snitched on me


I’m getting’ nuttin’ for Christmas

Mama and Dadaw are mad

I’m getting’ nuttin’ for Christmas

‘Cause I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad

I left a bone in the chair

Somebody snitched on me

I pushed Gretchen on the stair

Somebody snitched on me

I did a dance in Dadaw’s throw

Tried to feed Gretchen yellow snow

Ripped up a pretty Christmas bow

Somebody snitched on me

… from there, return to the original lyrics which wrap up with:

Next year I’ll be goin’ straight

Next year I’ll be good, just you wait

I’m start now but it’s too late

Somebody snitched on me…

We’d like to dedicate our spoof to Mr. BFudge, Beau and all the other misunderstood, never a dull moment while they’re around dogs out there!

Of course, Gretchen is the snitch, just in case y’all think she’s perfect…

Merry Woofmas!

Winter Solstice Swap

December 16, 2010

Our good friends at The PWD blog hosted a fun swap in honor of the Winter Solstice.  Our package arrived last weekend from the awesome team of Mango, Dexter and their staff. 

December 2010 012

Honestly, we would have been happy with just their card.  We’ve been begging for our own stationery for about a year now, but Mama isn’t cooperating.  Don’t they look like fun guys?!  Sis insists I may not swing about her head like that, as if…

December 2010 011They actually sent two chews, but this antler is now the prized chewing item in our house.  It’s been taken away from me (Gretchen) twice, because those who snarl and snap lose the object they’re guarding.  Hrmph.   I *AM* a terrier, after all! 

This is a wonderfully smooth antler.  Dadaw home-cured a couple for us, and has more “on order” from his hunting friends.  Ironically, time has shown that whatever Sis is allergic to in deer meat isn’t in the antlers, or the curing process fixes it…  Anyway, I don’t know if this is a slightly different variety of deer or whether they file or sand these antlers, but it’s a nice contrast to the bumps and ridges on the ones Dadaw gives us.

December 2010 013

Mama got lots of pressies too.  She’s crazy about these fabric bags, but since there are three, I think the nice doggies and their owner meant for each of us to have one.  Sis and I inspected them, just in case we get to choose one.  For the record, I could sit comfortably in the big one.  Dadaw jokes often about putting me in his pocket and taking me along, and that big bag could make it a reality!

We’d like to thank our new friends for spoiling us so nicely.   We’re sitting here watching that cold, white stuff fall from the sky.  Mama’d best get home and shovel a path for me.  Sis doesn’t mind it, but I don’t get why Mama loves this snow stuff so!

Happy Dogs on Thursday and little friday to you!

Thankee Aunt Sus!

December 14, 2010

Hello everybody!  Gretchen here.  While Mama was recuperating, we went to the beach.  While at the beach, we got to meet our Auntie Sus, and she came bearing gifts.  Gotta’ love those terrier moms…

She brought Sis more of  her favorite treats, the Planet Dog Pumpkin Pear Ginger eats.   That made Sis plenty happy, and me too, because Sis is good about sharing.

The bestest toy ever!

But YOU need to know about the toy Auntie Sus brought me!!  Sis likes it too, but it’s MINE.  Mama tells me to share, but it’s hard, you know?  It vibrates and flops around and plays “Who let the dogs out” – just the chorus. 

I play with it every chance I get.  Mama’s great about giving it a toss for me, but unfortunately, that usually gets Sissy’s attention too, and then that sharing sermon gets preached.  Mama says the timing was perfect because of the cold weather and my need to burn off all this energy…

Thanks Auntie Sus.  I hope Cory doesn’t mind that you shared with me.  Mama did send some of our Charlee Bear egg/cheese treats home for Cory and Chelsea…

Letters to Santa

December 9, 2010

Santa Paws' elves, 2009

Happy Dogs on Thursday!   Mama says the Festival of Lights ended last night, so we’re all ready to focus on Christmas now.  Sissy has been dictating letters to Santa Paws for at least two weeks now, so I thought we’d share the current versions…

From Sissy:

Dear Santa –

I’ve tried to be a good girl, and I do feel awful when I upset Mama or Dadaw…  All I want for Christmas is some fresh meat.  I miss bites of steak more than anything, I think.  I’d also really like it if my people would stay with us all the time, and let me run free.  I mean, there are lots of other things I’d like – like Bully Sticks and a never-ending bowl of milk – but Gretchen says I can’t be greedy when there are so many pets living in shelters or out on their own without people to love them.  Mama says I should ask for things I could actually GET, but you’re magic, right?  On the off chance you’re not, I’ll settle for a Himalayan Chew every evening, okay?

Licks and love,



Dear Santa:

My name is Gretchen Greer, and  I strive to be a very good girl.   I even try to help Sissy behave, but my doggy nature gets in the way sometimes.   While I wish for all the lost pets to find their way to safety so they can be reunited with their people, and for the pets without nice homes to get adopted by loving, happy people, Mama says I have to ask for something simple, because your sack can’t carry the abstract…  Could you bring me another toy that jiggles and sings? 

Respectfully yours,


Who Walks All Over Me?!

December 2, 2010

Sissy here.  Gotta’ write my own post today because Gretchen’s being a twerp.   Mama says that’s rude, but ya’ know, I’m kinda’ used to the little thing writing for us.

December 2010 008

Oh – but the brat can stop preening long enough to tell me to wish you a happy little friday, dogs on Thursday, and a happy birthday to Dadaw and our friend Barbara!

Anyhow, here I am showing off the cowl Auntie gMarie made me.   (Click over and wish her Abby a happy birthday too, will you?  She’s another pretty basset. )  The pattern is called My Dogs Walk All Over Me, but I guess that still works for me when I wear it, because honestly, Gretchen will climb all over me and nap on top of me!

December 2010 011

I’ve thanked Auntie G for the gift.  Mama still mutters under her breath about me having this cowl… something about the yarn being too nice for a dog or something.  Hrmph.   

December 2010 007Mama wanted a “mother-daughter” photo of us, but it was cold outside and I was trying to keep an eye on the critters in the yard and woods.  Maybe some other day?  If you look really closely in the bottom right corner, you can see she has her cowl on too…