Letters to Santa


Santa Paws' elves, 2009

Happy Dogs on Thursday!   Mama says the Festival of Lights ended last night, so we’re all ready to focus on Christmas now.  Sissy has been dictating letters to Santa Paws for at least two weeks now, so I thought we’d share the current versions…

From Sissy:

Dear Santa –

I’ve tried to be a good girl, and I do feel awful when I upset Mama or Dadaw…  All I want for Christmas is some fresh meat.  I miss bites of steak more than anything, I think.  I’d also really like it if my people would stay with us all the time, and let me run free.  I mean, there are lots of other things I’d like – like Bully Sticks and a never-ending bowl of milk – but Gretchen says I can’t be greedy when there are so many pets living in shelters or out on their own without people to love them.  Mama says I should ask for things I could actually GET, but you’re magic, right?  On the off chance you’re not, I’ll settle for a Himalayan Chew every evening, okay?

Licks and love,



Dear Santa:

My name is Gretchen Greer, and  I strive to be a very good girl.   I even try to help Sissy behave, but my doggy nature gets in the way sometimes.   While I wish for all the lost pets to find their way to safety so they can be reunited with their people, and for the pets without nice homes to get adopted by loving, happy people, Mama says I have to ask for something simple, because your sack can’t carry the abstract…  Could you bring me another toy that jiggles and sings? 

Respectfully yours,



10 Responses to “Letters to Santa”

  1. Susan Says:

    I hope you girls get all you wish for!!!

  2. Still Mending « Chan Knits Says:

    […] use 10 fingers to type (soon!), but in the meantime, the girls have shared their latest versions of their letters to Santa Paws.  What would you ask for if you wrote a letter to Santa? Possibly related posts: […]

  3. kn1tty cat Says:

    I wanna know what GG is whispering in Sissy’s ear! (-jetta, max and joe)

  4. Marjie Says:

    That’s an awfully cute elf picture there!

  5. Terrie Says:

    Wonderful letters to Santa, girls! I hope you get everything you asked for, and more! You both look darling as Santa Paws’ elves 🙂

  6. Sue Says:

    I’m afraid to hear what my troop would ask for. You’re both good girls and I’m sure Santa is listening and will bring you nice gifts.

  7. scrabblequeen Says:

    Wow…you grrls have much bigger ideas than we do! We just want our boys back! Oh, and treats are nice, too. And walks EVERY day, even if it’s wet outside. And…

    Woofs. Sasha and Misty

  8. Nichole Says:

    Aww… great letters girls!!!

  9. Mr. Puffy Says:

    I’m sure Santa will do his best to come through!

  10. gMarie Says:

    Well Momma won’t let me write what I really want, but she says we can write letters in a week or so. Something about next week’s post is already done and I cannot have my own blog – I want a nice momma! Beau

    Hem – what a brat! Lovely letters girls. I love and admire that you are both so selfless – yes, even Sis! Be nice Momma!! I’m sure you girls will find lovelies in your stockings and that there will be some of your abstracts being fulfilled too. g

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