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January 27, 2011

Mama says it just looks like I’m always winkin’ at her.  Since I’m a little sassy and saucy, yeah…  I can have a permanent wink!

January 2011 005

Not quite all of my hair and whiskers have grown back yet, but I think I look pretty good!   That left side really itches right now, ‘cuz Mama says the last of the stitches are dissolving and leaving those little bitty bits to itch. 

January 2011 003This one-eye thing doesn’t slow me down at all.  I don’t get what all the fuss is about.  It took me a couple of days to get used to not really having any depth perception, but that’s about it.  I went down the slippery, icy steps in a funky slide-hop, but I did that so Gretchen would have a path to walk down.  As you can see from this photo, I was wide open coming back up.

Monday, we girls trooped back up to see the nice folks at the eye place.  Gretchen still hasn’t gotten to meet any of them.  I was really happy to see her when we got back to the car, but honestly?  I kinda’ enjoy being the center of attention, you know?  I met another doctor, and he gave Mama some very specific instructions about my right eye and future appointments.  I’ll have her tell you all about that though… details bore me!


January 2011 011

One-eyed girls can hunt too!

Mama here.  We did have a great visit at the eye clinic.  Sis’s right eye is holding its own, and we have a precise plan for the next couple of years.  I’ll take her to our local vet for eye pressure checks every few weeks, and then quarterly, we’ll go see the good folks at the eye clinic.   We’ll go back again in March, just to be safe, and we’ll carry her cute purple bag with that eye-saving glycerin with us everywhere she goes.  Should her pressure jump up above 20, we’ll consider it an emergency, even though 20 is still firmly within the normal pressure range.  Those of you who know me realize I like having minute details, so this plan suits me quite well. 

In the meantime, we’re trying to get the word out about canine glaucoma, especially for bassets, jack russells, beagles, pugs, cockers, etc. – the breeds prone to this vicious problem.  If you’d like a little blurb to share with your local rescue, breed club or what have you, let me know.  Sissy’s surgeon is on board and is willing to work up something we can all share to spread the word. 

Eventually, I’ll create a separate canine glaucoma information page here, or move all of us to our own website so that I have unlimited resources – so to speak.  In the meantime, get your pets’ eyes checked, and while you’re there, talk to your own vet about glaucoma.  Ask if they can check eye pressures.  Yet again, I’m singing the praises of our vet practice, because the DO have the high-dollar “thingee” that the specialists use to check pressures, and Supervet did diagnose Sis’s glaucoma so that we were able to ease Sis’s pain and attack the glaucoma head-on. 

I want to be clear; unless we had caught Sis’s original “spike” in pressure in the first few hours of her attack, the outcome would have been the same.  There is NOTHING we or our local vet could have done any differently; Sis had permanent damage to her eye from that very first visit on December 27th.  Both specialists we’ve seen agree that NO ONE at an emergency clinic would have caught the glaucoma either, because frankly…  it doesn’t present as emergent.  Only now that I know PRECISELY what to watch for do we have a fighting chance to save the right eye IF (when?) a serious pressure spike happens. 

But that’s information for another day, once I’ve rounded up the resources and really feel well-versed enough to “speak” on the matter.  Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Our One-eyed Girl

January 20, 2011

January 2011 006

With Sis’s permission, I’m sharing a couple of photos, taken last weekend.  The hair is growing back now, and the stitches are mostly dissolved/absorbed, so she really does appear just to be winking at us.

January 2011 017She’s doing fabulously, and we appreciate all the concern and support.  We have her post-op visit next week, and then we’ll officially be on the maintenance plan, with preserving the right eye as our primary goal.

Her spirit and good nature are an example to us all.  She did have a rough 30 hours or so, but from there, she improved rapidly.  We are truly blessed to have these amazing fur-girls in our lives!

Lady Cracker Jack

January 16, 2011

Oh, I do hope these entries aren’t too tedious…   Sissy’s is just below mine, because hers was done first – of course.


What's a cracker jack without a toy?!

Gretchen Greer here.  This post represents my entry in the most prestigious Mango Minster.  Since Sis is CLEARLY the DIVA-Queen, I am happily entering as a Cracker Dog.  Well, okay, not HAPPILY, because while I do get crazy and dash about, I really try to be a proper young lady.  Mama says genes will out, and as I explained to Sis, that means that no matter how hard I try to remember who I am – Haddon Wood’s Lady Gretchen Greer the Crup, Crowned Princess of All – and what I represent, my inner cracker jack terrier bursts out now and again.

You know, part of being a proper Southern lady is being comfortable in any setting, and I do have that down pat.  I do have my zany moments, sprinting through the house, bouncing off of things, but I also love just hanging with my people and my beloved big Sis.

Okay.  Let’s cut to the chase, since we’re talking terrier here!  I do love to please, but let’s get something straight right now.  Sissy is the queen only because I’m happy to let her do all the sitting on the throne stuff.  Every now and then,  I can’t help myself and I have to let that inner cracker jack pop!


Who's the top dog now?!

(I hope that doesn’t dash Sissy’s chance at the DIVA title, but if you’ve ever lived with a DIVA… ’nuff said.)

DSC01170That’s one of my best Lady Cracker Jack photos.  I mean, any ol’ wee dog can look cute in a handknit frock, but only a cracker jack terrier will go off hunting in said dress, made in a colorway designed just for her.   I do know how to work this cute factor!!  Who says ruffles and hunting don’t mix?!

As those of you who know cracker jack terriers know, even the well-behaved among us have our moments.

June 2010 002

Me, testing Mama's new fiber for softness

September 2010 002

Me, trying to snag my gift from the bag while Sis does a horrible job of blocking me from Mama's view

And then, there are those misunderstood moments ALL dogs have, but cracker jack terriers seem to have more of those than others…  I’m really always on the job!

June 2010 011

Just trying to help weed-eat...

June 2010 021

Not nosy... I'm a quailty control inspector!

August 2010 021

Every lighthouse needs a caretaker, right?!


Cracker dog, a working breed... yarn guard!

A key, sometimes overlooked part of being an awesome cracker jack terrier is being devoted to your humans.  All of these other photos happened because really, I’m never far from my people or Sissy – or the camera.


All that tongue is mine!

I’m at my cracker best when I zoom in and lay one on Mama!  There’s really nothing else left to say, but thank you to the judges for your kind consideration in the contest and please vote for Sissy and for me!

The Queen is on the Throne

January 16, 2011

The DIVA formerly known as the Princess

Sissy here.  Mama has been muttering that phrase a lot recently.  See, I was named Haddon Wood’s Princess of Joy after I came to reside here, but recent events have elevated my status and not only in my mind.  Since a couple of days after Christmas, I have been duly recognized as the center of the universe, because my eyes – especially the left one – have been all wonky. 

I don’t want any sympathy votes, so we’ll gloss right over the end result (had to remove that left eye when I stopped seeing out of it and it still hurt) and move straight into my photos and qualifications.  You see, I’ve been a documented DIVA since my earliest days here in the Woods.

Oh – I should mention that this post serves as my entry in the DIVA category for the Mango Minster contest.   I’d also like the judges to know that none of my photos are ‘shopped, because I’m just that much of a true DIVA… no photo enhancements required to prove it!  The rest of you?  Just stay tuned and please vote for me and for Gretchen when the time comes.  She’s a brat and all, but she’s a cute, dear brat, and if she wins and I don’t, I’ll still get presents that way, see?


Summer 2009

Here I am, rockin’ my signature purple party hat and a stoopid pink dress that does at least bear my former title (see the first photo of this entry), in honor of the brat’s first birthday.

Mama says I have to show you want she means by “The Queen is on the throne.”  She picked some of her favorite examples:


Me, on my beach throne... complete with a Dadaw carpet


Me, at the office on another human carpet... Mama says he retired not long after that.

Of course, being a DIVA and a queen forces many duties upon me.


Master multi-tasker: modeling while surveying my kingdom


Filling in for the Easter Bunny


Layin' the smack down on Dadaw


Pondering a career change... but then Mama told me about bedpans!!

But of course, you can’t be queen without a crown. 


My special birthday queen crown... pardon the teeth, but the brat was crowding my shot!

As a final piece of evidence, I submit a photo of me, trying to appear humble.  Gretchen says I need a lot of practice, because I still look sullen.

May 2010 013

I'm soooo not into the peasant look!

Gretchen also says if I don’t thank the judges and REALLY thank the rest of you for reading all of this, I won’t stand a chance.  I’m rolling my eye, but since the kid is known for her manners and being all proper…  Thank you judges and fans, for reading this and for recognizing me as the royal creature that I am.

Waking up to say…

January 13, 2011

Snuggle girls 2009

Sissy here.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for worrying about me.  I’m doing okay; the left side of my face is still sore and tender, but nothing like it was a couple of days ago.  It’s great to have Gretchen snuggling me again, and I feel more like myself every time I wake up.

Gretchen says I have to wish you all sorts of happy things, so happy all the stuff Gretch and Mama always say. 

Yawn…  I’m ready for another nap!


January 11, 2011

I can’t imagine Sis would want me to share photos, so just trust me that surgery went well but the former left eye isn’t pretty.  Thank you for all of the good wishes, prayers and more.  Please keep them coming…  Sis still isn’t comfortable, although supposedly, 24 hours from now, she won’t want more pain meds.

Gretchen is sticking very close to me and doesn’t understand what happened to Sissy.  The Knight is a better nurse than I am, but we’re all doing okay.


January 6, 2011

Thank you so much for all of your kind wishes.  Honestly, what we need most are prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes or anything else of the sort as we continue to fight the glaucoma battle in Sissy’s right eye.  Because she’s so young – three years – and it came on so aggressively in the left eye, the chances are high that the right eye will follow suit.  Yes, there are treatments and we’re on an aggressive plan, complete with a syringe of glycerin that will go wherever Sissy goes from now on. 

That being said, Sissy doesn’t want to be poor Sissy.  Other than when the pressure in that left eye is uncomfortable and when we’re putting drops in that sightless eye, she is her happy, silly self. 

January 2011 001

We had a couple of photo shoots on Monday afternoon.  I really like the blaze orange bandanas my sister got the girls for Christmas.  Hunting season is over, but next year, they’ll have these on when they go into their pen during hunting season, just in case!

January 2011 007Sis was probably already blind in the left eye when these photos were taken.  As you can see, it isn’t slowing her down.  She’s still leaping on and off of things, watching what’s going on in her kingdom, etc.   I’m trying to draw strength from her!

It might be a while before normal blogging returns.   I truly don’t know what recover will look like.   I don’t know where Sis will be most comfortable, I don’t know how time-consuming her medicine routine will be, etc.   It’s an honor to care for this sweet, unflappable dog.  I’m sure there are a thousand lessons to be learned through watching how Sissy has just taken this all in stride, but you’ll have to wait for me to catch my breath to be able to share any of them.

Thanks again for all the support.  It means the world to all of us at Haddon Woods.

Over the River and Through the Woods…

January 5, 2011

Sissy and I had quite an adventure yesterday.  We began the day at our vets’ office, for an eye check up.  When the pressure in her left eye was 80, the visit ended and we were sent on our way to the Leesburg Eye Care for Animals.

January 2011 015

My sweet girl

The news is not good.  She is already blind in her left eye, and while the pressure at the eye clinic was only 54, that’s still very high, and very painful.  Surgery is scheduled, but you’ll understand if I don’t share details here, right?

The good news is that the pressure in her right eye is a lovely 14.  (Normal is 22 and under.)  She does have primary glaucoma, which is to say it was genetic, and there is nothing we could have done to prevent it.  Please know your breeds…  I was a little sick to learn that Jack Russells are also prone to this disease.

Except when she’s hurting, Sis remains her silly, spirited self.  The vet and tech wouldn’t even let me scold her when she found the treats on the back of the counter (don’t worry…  I brought some of her treats along!).   We’re trying to be as strong as she is.