I can’t imagine Sis would want me to share photos, so just trust me that surgery went well but the former left eye isn’t pretty.  Thank you for all of the good wishes, prayers and more.  Please keep them coming…  Sis still isn’t comfortable, although supposedly, 24 hours from now, she won’t want more pain meds.

Gretchen is sticking very close to me and doesn’t understand what happened to Sissy.  The Knight is a better nurse than I am, but we’re all doing okay.


9 Responses to “Recovering”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Glad to hear she is resting well…..

  2. Sshhh… « Chan Knits Says:

    […] of you may not know that Sissy had surgery yesterday.    Our whole pack headed north early yesterday morning.  Gretchen is STILL not a good rider; […]

  3. Mango Says:

    Who cares how she looks? Poor little thing. I hope she stays stoned and comfortable for 24-48 hours. Glad it went well. All paws and fingers crossed that she continues to recover.

    Mango Momma

  4. Tobi Says:

    Aw, so sorry. I’m thinking about your girl and sending all the good vibes I can possibly muster. Glad to hear the “so far, so good” report.

  5. Bubblesknits Says:


  6. Mary Says:

    (Whisper)…feel better soon, Sissy. And chill out, Gretchen. All will be well soon.

  7. texanknits Says:

    All humans and four paws at our house are pulling for you guys :). Hope Sissy feels better quickly!

  8. gMarie Says:

    I sincerely doubt the Knight is a better nurse, maybe to you, but ….

    sending all good energy your way for fast healing. g

  9. Terrie Says:

    I’m glad you’re all doing ok! I really hope Sissy is able to rest and within 24 hours won’t need the pain pills anymore! Sending good, healing vibes your way.

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