Lady Cracker Jack

Oh, I do hope these entries aren’t too tedious…   Sissy’s is just below mine, because hers was done first – of course.


What's a cracker jack without a toy?!

Gretchen Greer here.  This post represents my entry in the most prestigious Mango Minster.  Since Sis is CLEARLY the DIVA-Queen, I am happily entering as a Cracker Dog.  Well, okay, not HAPPILY, because while I do get crazy and dash about, I really try to be a proper young lady.  Mama says genes will out, and as I explained to Sis, that means that no matter how hard I try to remember who I am – Haddon Wood’s Lady Gretchen Greer the Crup, Crowned Princess of All – and what I represent, my inner cracker jack terrier bursts out now and again.

You know, part of being a proper Southern lady is being comfortable in any setting, and I do have that down pat.  I do have my zany moments, sprinting through the house, bouncing off of things, but I also love just hanging with my people and my beloved big Sis.

Okay.  Let’s cut to the chase, since we’re talking terrier here!  I do love to please, but let’s get something straight right now.  Sissy is the queen only because I’m happy to let her do all the sitting on the throne stuff.  Every now and then,  I can’t help myself and I have to let that inner cracker jack pop!


Who's the top dog now?!

(I hope that doesn’t dash Sissy’s chance at the DIVA title, but if you’ve ever lived with a DIVA… ’nuff said.)

DSC01170That’s one of my best Lady Cracker Jack photos.  I mean, any ol’ wee dog can look cute in a handknit frock, but only a cracker jack terrier will go off hunting in said dress, made in a colorway designed just for her.   I do know how to work this cute factor!!  Who says ruffles and hunting don’t mix?!

As those of you who know cracker jack terriers know, even the well-behaved among us have our moments.

June 2010 002

Me, testing Mama's new fiber for softness

September 2010 002

Me, trying to snag my gift from the bag while Sis does a horrible job of blocking me from Mama's view

And then, there are those misunderstood moments ALL dogs have, but cracker jack terriers seem to have more of those than others…  I’m really always on the job!

June 2010 011

Just trying to help weed-eat...

June 2010 021

Not nosy... I'm a quailty control inspector!

August 2010 021

Every lighthouse needs a caretaker, right?!


Cracker dog, a working breed... yarn guard!

A key, sometimes overlooked part of being an awesome cracker jack terrier is being devoted to your humans.  All of these other photos happened because really, I’m never far from my people or Sissy – or the camera.


All that tongue is mine!

I’m at my cracker best when I zoom in and lay one on Mama!  There’s really nothing else left to say, but thank you to the judges for your kind consideration in the contest and please vote for Sissy and for me!


16 Responses to “Lady Cracker Jack”

  1. Terrie Says:

    You are the cute-est little cracker jack, Gretchen! Love the photos 🙂 I hope you and Gretchen both win in your categories!!

  2. Twinkie Says:

    Dearest Cracker Gretchen,

    Judge Twink’s been by here with her score board, BUT didn’t see any bribes. You must consider doing something about that. Talent alone doesn’t always pay off. You have to work harder (at bribery). So, bribe away, and leave me a comment, so I don’t miss it!

    Twinkie V. Twinkerson

    United Pet Blogdom District Judge (cracker dog division)

  3. Artemisia, Fenris, Socks & Scylla Says:

    Zoomies are so much fun.

  4. Bubblesknits Says:

    LOVE! I’ll vote for both of them. : )

  5. Jed and Abby in MerryLand Says:

    This is such a natural category for a JRT; thank you for appreciating that and entering even though it wasn’t your first choice of category. We know you are normally very decorous, but the fact that you can go cracker faster than a hat can drop is a sterling qualification. Excellent entry! Good luck!

  6. Sue Says:

    We think there should be a special sweet little tiny dog category for you. We have seen a could glimpses of a ‘cracker dog’ hidden in there behind the sweetness, so you fit in the group. Good luck little Gretchen, we’re with you.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  7. Nichole Says:

    You are by far the cutest little cracker we know! 🙂

  8. Marjie Says:

    I’m glad Gretchen made it into the right category. I was worried, because it filled up fast!

  9. Mary Says:

    Cracker Jack or Cracker Jill? Looking sweet and feisty at the same time is a unique trick.

  10. kathy b Says:

    WHere do I vote. Gretchen wins. Period

  11. kathy b Says:

    I vote for YOU Gretchen . You are too adorable

  12. scrabblequeen Says:

    It must be hard on you to own up to that inner “cracker dog”, what with you being such a lady and all….but WE know you’ve got what it takes!

    Woofs, Sasha and Misty (two crackerdog Terriers)

  13. Anita Says:

    Cutie pie, makes me want to smoosh her looking at all those photos. 🙂
    Where & when do we vote?

  14. Final Plea for Cracker Jack Me « Don't Mess with my Tutu Says:

    […] *MY* big day!  Mama found a great photo I’d forgotten about when my entry was submitted, so for those of you who don’t bother with Mama’s blog, here’s a […]

  15. Yvonne Says:

    I vote for the fiesty little Gretchen!!!!!

  16. Louise Says:

    I’m with you, Yvonne! Go Gretchen!!!

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