Mama says it just looks like I’m always winkin’ at her.  Since I’m a little sassy and saucy, yeah…  I can have a permanent wink!

January 2011 005

Not quite all of my hair and whiskers have grown back yet, but I think I look pretty good!   That left side really itches right now, ‘cuz Mama says the last of the stitches are dissolving and leaving those little bitty bits to itch. 

January 2011 003This one-eye thing doesn’t slow me down at all.  I don’t get what all the fuss is about.  It took me a couple of days to get used to not really having any depth perception, but that’s about it.  I went down the slippery, icy steps in a funky slide-hop, but I did that so Gretchen would have a path to walk down.  As you can see from this photo, I was wide open coming back up.

Monday, we girls trooped back up to see the nice folks at the eye place.  Gretchen still hasn’t gotten to meet any of them.  I was really happy to see her when we got back to the car, but honestly?  I kinda’ enjoy being the center of attention, you know?  I met another doctor, and he gave Mama some very specific instructions about my right eye and future appointments.  I’ll have her tell you all about that though… details bore me!


January 2011 011

One-eyed girls can hunt too!

Mama here.  We did have a great visit at the eye clinic.  Sis’s right eye is holding its own, and we have a precise plan for the next couple of years.  I’ll take her to our local vet for eye pressure checks every few weeks, and then quarterly, we’ll go see the good folks at the eye clinic.   We’ll go back again in March, just to be safe, and we’ll carry her cute purple bag with that eye-saving glycerin with us everywhere she goes.  Should her pressure jump up above 20, we’ll consider it an emergency, even though 20 is still firmly within the normal pressure range.  Those of you who know me realize I like having minute details, so this plan suits me quite well. 

In the meantime, we’re trying to get the word out about canine glaucoma, especially for bassets, jack russells, beagles, pugs, cockers, etc. – the breeds prone to this vicious problem.  If you’d like a little blurb to share with your local rescue, breed club or what have you, let me know.  Sissy’s surgeon is on board and is willing to work up something we can all share to spread the word. 

Eventually, I’ll create a separate canine glaucoma information page here, or move all of us to our own website so that I have unlimited resources – so to speak.  In the meantime, get your pets’ eyes checked, and while you’re there, talk to your own vet about glaucoma.  Ask if they can check eye pressures.  Yet again, I’m singing the praises of our vet practice, because the DO have the high-dollar “thingee” that the specialists use to check pressures, and Supervet did diagnose Sis’s glaucoma so that we were able to ease Sis’s pain and attack the glaucoma head-on. 

I want to be clear; unless we had caught Sis’s original “spike” in pressure in the first few hours of her attack, the outcome would have been the same.  There is NOTHING we or our local vet could have done any differently; Sis had permanent damage to her eye from that very first visit on December 27th.  Both specialists we’ve seen agree that NO ONE at an emergency clinic would have caught the glaucoma either, because frankly…  it doesn’t present as emergent.  Only now that I know PRECISELY what to watch for do we have a fighting chance to save the right eye IF (when?) a serious pressure spike happens. 

But that’s information for another day, once I’ve rounded up the resources and really feel well-versed enough to “speak” on the matter.  Happy Dogs on Thursday!


17 Responses to “Winkin’”

  1. Susan Says:

    Sissy, hope your “itchies” go away soon. I think your permanent wink is adorable!!! Gives you added character, like you didn’t have enough character to begin with!!! 😉

    Are you going to be Mom’s “poster child” for her glacoma campaign?? Have you negotiated your contract yet, or do you need a business manager??? 😉

    Have a good weekend, play nice with Gretchen!!!

  2. Bubblesknits Says:

    Sissy, you have the best Mama in the world. : )

  3. kn1tty cat Says:

    Snuzzle and a squeeze for the Diva, GG, mom and dadaw too =^,^=

  4. Winter Hunterland « Chan Knits Says:

    […] and I have done an update on their blog, including a very nice photo of her face that shows how beautifully that left side is […]

  5. Louise Says:

    Happy Dogs on Thursday! And what a thrilling day it is! You go GIRLS!!!

  6. Mary Says:

    Looking good, Sissy! Good thing you got such a smart (and vigilant) Mama (and Dadaw).

  7. scrabblequeen Says:

    Sheesh..of course a Sassy, Saucy, Sweet hound can hunt! Remember, your super power is in your nose, not your eye. Glad your momma has her plan…since we know that will make her happy and more likely to give you a little more rein.

    Sasha and Misty

  8. gMarie Says:

    Sis looks lovely as always. She’s not only sassy and saucy – she’s smart too! You are blessed to have such great human parents. ♥ g

  9. Mango Says:

    You look adorable. No worries for you and mom is going to make sure your either eye stays put. Great report and good info too.


  10. Sue Says:

    It does look like you’re winking. Very sweet and Fudge thinks it’s really nice too.

    To your Mom,
    If you’d like to post about canine glaucoma on Dogs-N-More, feel free to use it. I think I’ll also post about Progressive Retinal Atrophy, common to my breed. Maybe we can get Nicki to post about general eye care and what to watch for. Make it eye care month.

  11. Robin in VA Says:

    Winkin’ back atcha Sis! Maybe Momma needs to knit you a “pank” eye patch for International Pirate Day.
    I’m always concerned for “cherry eye” with Rudy, Shih Tzu’s are VERY prone to it. So far so good…I never thought a dog could get glaucoma. Thanks for the insight and education. One more thing we Fur-parents need to be aware of.

  12. Nichole Says:

    Love the girl’s perma-wink!!!!!!!! =) So happy things are healing so well…. and you found another wonder-vet!

  13. kathy b Says:

    Awesome post. SO GLAD you are so winking stinking cute! I’d love the write up for our shelter. HEARTLAND thanks

  14. Anita Says:

    Glad to hear the check-up went so well!

    I absolutely LOVE the photo of Sissy flying up the steps with those beautiful ears in the wind. That’s my wild & crazy girl! 🙂 And don’t worry Sissy, I don’t have any depth perception either being blind in one eye… it’s never slowed me down either. LOL

  15. Terrie Says:

    You look great, Sissy! Love the permanent wonk 😉 I’m glad you have such a detailed plan to take care of that right eye!

  16. Kathy Says:

    Dear Sissy,

    You’re still a Diva to me ;). And your mama and dadaw are the best.

    Shake a paw,
    Mr. Bettis

  17. Monica (aka monnibo) Says:

    Here’s winkin’ at you Sis!!

    I got all misty reading this post Chan. I’ve been thinking about Sissy a lot since I haven’t had time to blog-read a lot. I am SO glad to hear she is on the mend and back to her dammitSissyNO-self again! ((HUGS))

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