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Royal Edict

February 24, 2011

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

February 2011 006Because I really do love my busy Mama AND the idea of Dog Biscuit Day, I – Queen DIVA, Best in Show – do hereby declare that when Dog Biscuit Day falls on a weekday, it may be celebrated on the nearest weekend for human convenience. 

Carry on, and keep sending Mama meatless recipes, please and thank you?

PS – Still no proper tiara, nor an email address to call my own.  THIS is why I really need STAFF.

Dog Biscuit Day!

February 23, 2011
February 2011 003

Biscuit cutters from Auntie Jessi

Thank goodness we have so many wonderful bloggyland aunties keeping Mama straight.  If not for the ever-awesome Louise, we would have missed Dog Biscuit Day.   I suppose I must endeavor to create a dog-holiday calendar to keep Mama on task! 

Never fear though, Sissy’s already scheming and counting all the different dog biscuit cookie cutters we have around the house, and poor Mama will just have to fold laundry another night; tonight, she bakes!

Mama also entered a contest for me.  I’m hoping she’ll just buy me a pretty PANK collar.  We’ve tried calming collars before, but they were very plain, and Dadaw said something about looking like a flea collar.  I’m not sure what THAT is, but his tone of voice made me less than impressed… 

Please don’t forget to stop in Dogs ‘n More and read up on the eye health posts they’re running!

Gg’s Post-vet Follow-up

February 18, 2011

DSC01639It’s so good to have Wondervet back off of maternity leave.  Yesterday afternoon, we chatted again, about Sissy’s next appointment with the eye vet, and about Gretchen’s travel anxiety treatment plan.

Wondervet doesn’t have much faith that the Gravol will help, but we’re going to try that next.  25 mg or a half tablet, 30+ minutes before travel.  She says it just doesn’t seem to help most dogs, but what I like about her is that she’s willing to try these “wild hairs” I come up with. 

If that doesn’t work, we’re going to try another doggy prescription again.  Stay tuned.

Gettin’ our Fiber

February 17, 2011

Photo by MJ

We’re working again today.  We like working even more when Gramma is here… she shares.  We had oatmeal this morning!  What do you eat for breakie?

Happy dogs on thursday to all!

Double Trouble

February 15, 2011
December 2010 003

Taken 12-10

Yesterday was also vet day.  It was Wondervet’s first day back from maternity leave, so it was a good time to deliver her cowl.  She truly loved it!  No, I don’t have photos, but I’m also sure she doesn’t care a bit that Sis modeled it first.

January 2011 013Both girls had good reports for general health.  Weights are good, coats are beautiful, test results were normal.   Wondervet did get to see Gretchen in a full-blown fit of travel anxiety, but we’ve exhausted all conventional treatments, including the Thundershirt and the herbal calming collar.  Ironically, the Gravol from Canada was in the mailbox when we got home from the vet.  Wondervet and I are going to talk again soon about Gg’s next step, so we’ll discuss dosage then.

January 2011 014

Sis in Wondervet's infinity scarf

Sis’s eye pressure was up a tiny bit, although still within the normal range.  Wondervet called the eye clinic last night right after our appointment, and I’ve talked to Sis’s eye vet this morning (she needs a fabulous nicknname too).  While we’re all concerned, we’re not sounding any alarms.  We’ll see the eye vet in early March unless something changes between now and then.  See… there are just too many variables at play to get in a panic.  Sis has never had a pressure check much past mid-day, much less in the evening.  Most of Sis’s pressure checks have happened after she’s had her morning drop(s), not a couple of hours before her evening dose. 

I can’t say enough about these two vets, who both care deeply about Sis’s health, who so willingly listen and advise and even encourage me to call again when next I have a concern.  It was also a great weight lifted to have Wondervet say, “I’ll call the clinic now, and get back to you.”  Sure, I could have called them last night and spoken to the on-call eye specialist, but Wondervet wanted to communicate what she saw, and she was the one who was examining Sis!

Stay tuned… hopefully, Sis’s pressures will be back down on the low side of normal when we visit the eye doc.

Drum Roll Please…

February 14, 2011

January 2011 016Our lives will never be the same now that Mango Minster 2011 has come to an end.  For the three of you who didn’t hear Mama whoop and shout, allow me – Lady Gretchen Greer the Crup, Readers Choice Mango Minster 2011 Insane Cracker Dog – to present my sister…

Wait.  Somebody get the orchestra playing, “There she is, Miss America…” 

It is my honor to present the DIVA formerly called Sissy, Haddon Wood’s Princess of Joy, the newly crowned Best In Show, Shameless Doggie DIVA, who now will only answer to Queen DIVA Sissy, Best in Show

Photo courtesy of Mango Minster

Mama borrowed the coronation photo from Mango Minster’s post.  Yeah Sis, I see the tiara.  Just remember, I don’t care for anything on MY wee noggin, so I’m not THAT jealous. 

Oh – and of course, Sissy wants to know if Mango’s mama has any fabric left over from the snazzy purple suit.  Hem.  Sis?  Mama can’t sew, and I don’t think you get a tailoring allowance as part of your award package.  

I do have to urge you to go read Judge Frankie’s whole presentation.   At least I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow; I’ll be trying to help Sissy understand what a great responsibility rests on her bony shoulders.   Maybe it won’t be as hard as I’m fearing… she’s been focused on her platform – canine glaucoma awareness and education – since Mango Minster was first announced, so with a little luck, she’ll take off her tiara and open her ears…


The Queen Diva on ONE of her thrones

Sissy here – I do want to thank everyone again and again for voting for me, visiting our blog, and I especially want to thank the judges, sponsors and hosts of Mango Minster.  I was a little worried this morning when I was visiting the other Best of Show dogs’ blogs that Mama hadn’t made it clear that I fully intend to use my new TITLES!!  (two!  I’m so excited!)  to help promote my cause.  Gg needn’t worry either; I’m aware of my duties as the most visible DIVA in the doggy bloggy universe, and I will uphold them with pomp and pride.

Now…  I’ve heard that Mama has extra funds in her party dress budget…  Gg?  Let’s go shopping!

Gretchen once more – we do want to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!  Licks and love to one and all!


Most Pupular

February 12, 2011

Goodness!  What a week we’re having in the Woods!  First, Sis wins the Shameless DIVA and Doggy category in Mango Minster, and now, Lady Gretchen Greer is the Readers Choice in the Insane Cracker Dog category.   She celebrated by dancing on her hind feet while nibbling at my fingers – seriously.  You have to take my word for it though, because Chief Knight is at a field/brush fire, and Sis’s nose is too wet and big to work a touch screen.

January 2011 022

Gretchen here.   Scoot over Mama, because I want to thank everyone who voted for me personally!  Wow!  I had no idea that I was so popular.  It’s truly an honor to be a winner at Mango Minster, but secretly, I’m glad I don’t have to compete against Sis in Best of Show.   She has some tough competition to be sure!  Hey Fudge!  We’re the popular kids, huh?  Have I said “Wow” lately?! 

Speaking of Fudge, please stop by their pack’s blog and wish Samba well.  She’s such a great role model for a girl… she’s smart and devoted to her human mom and to her pups, so we hate to see that she’s having more trouble with her illness.  Since we’re on guard for more trouble with Sissy’s remaining eye, it’s especially upsetting to hear our friend Samba needs some extra care.  Won’t you pause to wish her well and send out good vibes, prayers… whatever?

Next time Sis shoves me out of the way and says “Make room for the Queen!” I can at least  point out that I’m the Readers Choice…

Don’t forget to check the Mango Minster site for Best of Show.  I’m sure it’s coming up any moment…

PS –  If Sis gets a big purple sash and a tiara for being Queen Diva, do you think I might get a little PANK scarf or something?  I don’t like anything on my head, but I did really like those beads Mama brought us…

Best in Show Entry

February 11, 2011

Queen DIVA and her court

Gretchen here.  Mama has cracked down on Sissy’s use of the word staff…  I am her little sister, not “staff”, even if I do get stuck writing her posts, letters, emails, etc.   I don’t know why Mama’s so annoyed at Sis; she’s the one who put the title “Princess” in her name, and she’s the one who entered Sis as a DIVA…

So, before it’s too late, here’s Sis’s entry for Best in Show.  (Please don’t forget to vote – for me today/Friday, for Sis in Best of Show tomorrow/Saturday!)

February 2011 003

I might be Queen Shameless DIVA now, but I still have manners, so I’ll start my Best of Show entry out by thanking the hosts of this fine event, the judges, my fellow competitors, and the voters for allowing me to represent all the shameless dogs and divas for the next year.  I should also thank my family – Mama, Gretchie and Dadaw – for supporting and in some cases even contributing to my DIVA ways.   I look forward to lending my permanent wink to Mango Minster as the Best in Show spokesdog for the upcoming year too. 

PS – Can someone PLEASE tell Mama I need a tiara and professional photos?!

Final Plea for Cracker Jack Me

February 10, 2011

Tomorrow’s *MY* big day!  Mama found a great photo I’d forgotten about when my entry was submitted, so for those of you who don’t bother with Mama’s blog, here’s a little reminder that I’m not always sweetness and decorum.


Yeah, Sis is the DIVA.  Yeah, the humans think she’s the alpha DOG.  Hrmph.  As you can see here, sometimes I just have to tell her how it is.

Cracker Jack owners will recognize the ears flipped back and know that I had just raced over to set Sissy straight.   Mama noted on her blog that it’s a rather aggressive gesture for one dog to put a paw across another’s back.  Of course it is!   DIVA knows that I’m a force to be reckoned with when I want to be!

Happy dogs on thursday, little friday, and don’t forget to vote for me tomorrow (Friday) – please and thank you?  And vote for Sissy in best of show on Saturday… unless I win too.  The, the gloves are off and may the best fur-girl win!

I’d like to thank…

February 9, 2011
February 2011 006

I was too busy celebrating to pose for pictures!

DIVA here.  (Or Sissy, if you knew me when…)   It is with great pride that I announce that the wise and wonderful judges of Mango Minster selected me as the Shameless Doggie DIVA winner!   I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me, Mango and his staff for hosting the show again this year, my own staff for their fine entry on my behalf…

There.  I think that covers it.  Mama and Gretchen have been wearing me out with their lists of what I should and shouldn’t do.  Pfst.  I’m Queen DIVA of the bloggy doggie world for a year!  Dadaw gets it.  Maybe I’ll have him help me with my Best of Show entry.  (Mama here – isn’t that a hoot?!  Dadaw barely knows what a blog is, has never been to Flickr…  HA.)

Just in case the judges are watching, while this isn’t my offical entry, I have been working on a list of demands  things I need to enhance my DIVA persona and lifestyle.

  • New pillows for my thrones.  That includes the sofa, loveseat, bed, and the car.  They must match the decor AND be big, squooshy and of a material that doesn’t hold dog hair, because alas, I do recognize that it is visually unappealing when not attached to a dog.
  • A new, ROYAL purple harness.   We learned yesterday, thanks to Fudge’s mom (go vote for him today, please?  it would be lovely to see a friendly face in the best of show ring), that like my brother Mugsy, I should be in a harness at all times, because collar pulling (of course I pull; I have people to see!) causes strain to my eye.
  • A tiara.  I’m sure the dazzle helped that Carmen win the popular vote.  It’s a little prissy for me, but being a DIVA isn’t painless.
  • My own email address.  I’ve let Mama slide on this one for three years now (Mr Puffy already had his own email addy when I came to know him!), because frankly, staff (Hem – Mama and Gretchie) handles most of my correspondence, but now that I’m a celebrity, Mama has to step it up.
  • A cause.  Gretchen says all pageant winners have a platform.  No problem.  I already am working on eye health awareness, with a special focus on primary glaucoma.   I really do plan to use my new-found title and fame for good!
February 2011 002

Shoutin' out to the Woods... I won!!!!!

What am I missing?  I’m sure Mama is overlooking a few things, because frankly, she and Gg are both a bit too humble and don’t get how important it is to be the center of attention.  

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start working on my Best of Show entry.  Oh, I hope I win…  will I get a big, purple ribbon and sash if I do?