Shameless Self-promotion


Photo Dadaw sent Mama while she was away. They call this my throne... I think it's a little humble for that, don't you?

Sissy here.  I know we’re early for Dogs on Thursday, but Mama is having some trouble reacclimating herself to life after the Big Easy.  There should be another post tomorrow too, but just in case…

I wanted y’all to have advanced notice.  Please vote for me in the Shameless Diva category on Monday, February 7th, and for Gretchen in the Insane category on February 11th.   There will be of course, special posts and such to remind you, and if you asked for an email, remind Mama again, will you please?


6 Responses to “Shameless Self-promotion”

  1. Skirting the issue? « Chan Knits Says:

    […] *I* blog, do be sure to check out Sissy’s post.  She’s most concerned that I’ll fail to notify everyone properly when it’s time […]

  2. gMarie Says:

    well you couldn’t really be a diva without a little shameless self-promotion. You know I couldn’t enter my diva because I didn’t want her to compete against you 😉 g

  3. Sue Says:

    Of course, we’ll be voting for you. Do we know of a more perfect candidate for Diva Dog? Don’t forget, your pal Fudge is in the Poor Sport category on 2/9.

  4. Nichole Says:

    We’re standing by ready to vote, vote, vote!

  5. Ruth Says:

    You KNOW you’ve both got our votes.

    Woofs. Sasha and Misty

  6. Terrie Says:

    I’ll be voting for both of you!!

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